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* Hourly rate £15 - £30 depending on the amount of hours and complexity of the work!

I'm a IT graduate that's best at UX/software planning, software architecture and developing software in various programming languages/frameworks/platforms, including PHP, Laravel (my favourite), PyroCMS, OctoberCMS, MODx, JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native, VueJs, Python, R, Lisp, Perl, C++ and more. I have experience also with most of the popular open source solutions like Django CMS, KeystoneJS, MODx, OctoberCMS, Magento, Wordpress, OpenCart, Prestashop, vTiger, Odoo, Rhadoop/Hadoop and the list goes on as I've been working on software projects since 1998 while still in high school. I always keep my eyes open for the most promising new technologies that facilitate building multi-platform applications, single page applications (SPA) and progressive web apps (PWA). I'm a very adept project manager that can always come up with a short/smart and simple solution that works. I've completed a teaching course at university that has given me plenty of experience teaching in front of a classroom, performing remote one-on-one training and creating easy to follow manuals.

I usually work on maximum 1-2 customers' projects at one time so I pay lot of attention and effort to complete everything on time and with best professionalism!

My other skills are in business development. I started my first business when I was 13 and my first IT company when I was 17. Right now I'm a shareholder of four different companies and am currently working on establishing a promising new start-up that will utilise IT management to make freelancers (like us) much more productive.

About our company

We are a tight-knit family of freelancers working together to combine our skills, offering clients unparallel expertise and solutions to fit their needs. Along with two of my oldest partners, we've worked together since 2004! We have in our team not only back-end programmers but also designers, front end wizards, great animator, video operators/editors, photographers, internet marketing experts, etc.

We have built many complex solutions like property booking systems, medical software, real estate management, e-commerce solutions with ERP/CRM, and many more from scratch. Just let us know what type of examples you want to see of our work and we may even potentially have code we've already written ready hat can be modifiedy and re-coded to meet your needs.

Key Skill:Web Designer Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Web Designer (Senior), Search Engine Optimiser (Senior), Web Animator (MiddleWeight), CMS Developer (Senior), E-Commerce Developer (Senior), Hosting / Domain Management (MiddleWeight), Client Side Developer (Senior), Server Side Developer (Senior), Marketer (Senior), CRM / Database management (Senior), Internet Marketing / New Media (Senior), Market Research (MiddleWeight), Strategy (Senior), Brand Development (Senior), Photographer (MiddleWeight), Corporate / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Miscellaneous (Junior), Campaign Management (Senior), Social media marketing (MiddleWeight), PPC (MiddleWeight)

Tags: web development web design cms e-commerce crm laravel wordpress magento modx octobercms react vue php javascript node