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What is Freelance Directory?

Freelance Directory is the UK network for media and creative freelancers based in the UK. It is a unique sales platform where companies, agencies and indeed other freelancers, can search for freelance workers.

If you’re looking for a helping hand, it is completely free to search the network and post freelance jobs on our noticeboard.

Members’ profiles list their skills and summary of what they offer, link to a CV, showcase portfolio images and link to other collaborating members to offer the resulting complementary strengths to clients hiring.  A couple of minutes searching could therefore provide a ready-made team of copywriter, photographer and designer, for instance, for your project.

Clients and agencies hiring

How does it work?

Freelance Directory is the network for UK based media and creative freelancers. Use the above search fields to source the talent you need for your project. Members can form alliances with each other in order to offer you complementary skillsets – any partnerships will be shown on their profiles.

It’s free to search and hire and currently free to advertise your jobs on our noticeboard, please fill out a job description here to include it on our board. Whilst we promote and encourage honesty and fair dealings amongst our members, Freelance UK cannot vouch for Freelance Directory members or be held liable for the services advertised by freelancers registered on its website.


How does it work?

When you register we ask you for your business details, including your key skills, location, and client list, along with a summary of what you do.  To provide you with a complete online presence you can upload up to 12 images to showcase your work.

Furthermore you can team up with co-workers to broaden what you offer to prospective clients; aside from working collaboratively, members can use the network to seek introductions to other members’ clients. As a member you do not divulge client contact details as part of your profile, it is entirely up to you if you decide to forward on a CV or business profile for a skillset you know your client is seeking.  (Freelancers placing successful CVs on behalf of another member may then choose to negotiate a finder’s fees with their client contact, particularly if it’s a lengthy contract.)

We strictly adhere to our privacy policy in handling your information. To protect your privacy, new business enquiries will be sent via private message to prevent spamming. When you form an alliance with another member, both members must agree to the partnership before the link is shown on your profile – at that point, to aid openness and honesty, your contact details will become visible to each only.

Increase your value to clients

With the network at your fingertips, your value to clients should increase. You can now either offer the complementary strength of your skills teamed with another member's, or find freelancers on behalf of your client to work on an entirely separate project. Not forgetting, of course, finding freelancers for your own outsourcing needs.

What does it cost?

Just £5+VAT a month to increase your new business opportunities, network with other freelancers. Freelance Directory is a subscription service. There is an initial minimum period of four months' membership for which we charge £20+VAT; thereafter £5+VAT will be collected each month or until you cancel. Members are in full control of their profiles and can cancel at any time.

The network is only open to media and creative freelancers based in the UK.


All initial contact between members is via private message with your contact details kept hidden until you agree to form an alliance – this is to encourage open and honest dealings. All contact from companies and agencies hiring is also via private message – it is your decision to reply to enquiries and pass on your personal contact details at that point. Please refer to our terms of membership and privacy policy.

Hirer Testimonials

"We are shortly to interview two Freelance Alliance members for our online copywriting requirements. Freelance Alliance is a professional, easy to use site and quickly establishes a freelancer's experience and credentials so makes choosing a freelancer to meet your needs easy to do. We were impressed with the quality of talent on Freelance Alliance and because it is important that writers fully understand our brand, and be able to communicate that effectively through copy and optimise SEO, such ´high end´ freelance talent is a must for us. These freelancers´ profiles were found by searching Google, so Freelance Alliance is well optimised, making membership money well spent I'd say."
M Cassidy,

Member Testimonials

"Since I joined Freelance Alliance about 18 months ago, I can honestly say that my work and income have doubled. I never expected this when I joined at first, and that for a fiver every month! I have also recently been featured in The Times newspaper as a result of being listed on this great site. Freelance Alliance is the best online marketing platform for any freelancer."

"I'm really busy. Nearly 100% of the work I get comes from Freelance Alliance! I don't really use many other ways to advertise, making it well worth the £5 a month."
Emma Patterson

"What recession? I've been busier than ever, and with top drawer clients who are really alive to the power of quality content."
Rod Sweet

"I must say I have used other freelance sites and Freelance Alliance has proved to be by far the best."
Susan Lawson

"I'm very happy with the service and have had about half-a-dozen good leads in the past year."
Mike Groushko

"Freelance Alliance is simple to use, easy to find, and great value for the money. A wonderful resource for all freelancers to expand their web presences and reach out to new clients - highly recommended."
Jessica Foote

"In the short time since joining the Freelance Alliance I have experienced a significant increase in the amount of quality enquiries and leads from clients; totalling more than £17000.00 in just one month. If it keeps on like this I will need more staff."
Glenn Bramble-Stewart

“I joined the Freelance Alliance a few months ago. At first I was slightly reluctant to pay the joining fee but it has definitely been worth it. I’ve have had a surprising number of people contact me asking to collaborate on projects and more importantly offering potential work.”
Alex Peterson

"If a Freelancer was thinking of investing a just a little money in self promotion they couldn’t pick a more cost-effective site than Freelance Alliance. It’s produced five times more leads than any of the other sites I’ve joined. Long may we prosper!"
Alison Bates

"Freelance Alliance comes out on top by a long way in my experience. I'm currently doing an illustration job for a clothing retailer who contacted me via your site and I have also received enquiries about illustrating a children's book and producing illustrations for another retailer."
Matthew Harding

"I've had some good leads from the site, thanks - well worth the subscription fee."
Paul Randall

"You are among the best."
Stephen Neale