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The following comments come from members of Freelance Directory:

"I'm really busy. Nearly 100% of the work I get comes from Freelance Directory! I don't really use many other ways to advertise, making it well worth the £5 a month."
Emma Patterson

"What recession? I've been busier than ever, and with top drawer clients who are really alive to the power of quality content."
Rod Sweet

"I'm very happy with the service and have had about half-a-dozen good leads in the past year."
Mike Groushko

"Freelance Directory is simple to use, easy to find, and great value for the money. A wonderful resource for all freelancers to expand their web presences and reach out to new clients - highly recommended."
Jessica Foote

"In the short time since joining the Freelance Directory I have experienced a significant increase in the amount of quality enquiries and leads from clients; totalling more than £17000.00 in just one month. If it keeps on like this I will need more staff."
Glenn Bramble-Stewart

“I joined the Freelance Directory a few months ago. At first I was slightly reluctant to pay the joining fee but it has definitely been worth it. I’ve have had a surprising number of people contact me asking to collaborate on projects and more importantly offering potential work.”
Alex Peterson

"If a Freelancer was thinking of investing a just a little money in self promotion they couldn’t pick a more cost-effective site than Freelance Directory. It’s produced five times more leads than any of the other sites I’ve joined. Long may we prosper!"
Alison Bates

"Freelance Directory comes out on top by a long way in my experience. I'm currently doing an illustration job for a clothing retailer who contacted me via your site and I have also received enquiries about illustrating a children's book and producing illustrations for another retailer."
Matthew Harding

"I've had some good leads from the site, thanks - well worth the subscription fee."
Paul Randall

"You are among the best."
Stephen Neale

The following comments come from companies hiring members of Freelance Directory:

"I found your site very useful in my search to find an illustrator with the style I was looking for.

After contacting artists through your website I received many replies offering their services along with a price quote, this gave me a wide range of choice in choosing an illustrator that could match my requirements and fit within my budget.

Overall I found Freelance Directory very easy to use and with a small amount effort it quickly put me in touch with graphic designers and artists from all over the UK.

Additionally you can find the artist's work I hired on the home page of my website"

yours sincerely

"We were searching for freelance web design help and came across Freelance Directory. The quality of freelancers are what we had hoped to see for a publication such as Harpers Bazaar and it was refreshing not to have to enter a lengthy sign up procedure in order to contact freelancers”

Leonie Cavagna, Harpers Bazaar.

"We were able to appoint a couple of excellent editors. Your website clearly reaches a great selection of people and I am sure we will be using your site again. It's very rare I want to write and thank someone, but Freelance Directory is a real credit. Thank you."

Mark Cowley