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Freelance Web Designer

I am a graphic designer, web
developer, and visual artist based in
the United Kingdom. For over twenty
years I have worked on hundreds of
projects across the world, working
for a number of different studios and
agencies including The Wax Museum,
a company I founded and ran from
1999 until 2007.

I am usually busy but am available for new clients. Please visit my website for a more up to date portfolio or check out for credentials.

Clients: =mc consulting,National Arts Fundraising School,Code Hunter LLP,Thoughtspark Agency

Key Skill:Web Designer Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Graphic Designer (Senior), Web Designer (Senior), Search Engine Optimiser (MiddleWeight), CMS Developer (Senior), Hosting / Domain Management (MiddleWeight), Multimedia / Film / Video (MiddleWeight), Marketer (MiddleWeight), Internet Marketing / New Media (MiddleWeight), Film / Video / Multimedia (MiddleWeight)

Tags: Graphic Design Artworking Web Front End Development



A current CV of education, work and experience.
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Works Goldcrest Land & Forestry Group — Video Editing & Animated Graphics
Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, the GOLDCREST Land & Forestry Group is a new company comprised of experienced surveyors that have been instrumental in a significant proportion of forestry-related property sales throughout the last four decades. JJD Works was brought on board on a regular basis to create promotional marketing videos for properties put on sale to the public.
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Code Hunter Barristers LLP — Website Development & Design
Code Hunter Barristers LLP is a well-known and respected litigation firm based out of Calgary, Alberta (Canada). They’re also one of the longest working relationships with a client, having worked with them on numerous variations of their website since 2008. Recently their site was given a complete overhaul to showcasing the professionalism and expertise of the firm, making use of constantly evolving web technologies to showcase their services.
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Poa! Internet — Print & Promo Design

Poa! Internet are a company providing mobile services over Wi-Fi/VOIP in select trial locations in urban areas of Kenya. Working alongside a London-based marketing agency, a campaign of retail promotions and internal communications were designed with art direction that expanded from the company’s basic core guidelines. Deliverables included retail hand-out flyers, in-store posters, employees manuals as well as work that extended into viral, social media campaigns.
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ThoughtSpark — Works ThoughtSpark Website Development & Design
ThoughtSpark is a UK-based digital marketing agency that designs content that’s affordable and adaptable, suitable for use in sales, PR, (web) marketing, investor relations, and social media. Having worked with the company for a number of years designing marketing publications and white papers, JJD Works was brought on board to completely overall the agency’s website, bringing more life to its online presentation with a more modern, interactive design that gives focus to ThoughtSpark‘s online publications and downloadable reports.
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Open Studios — Poster Design

Open Studios has a well-known reputation in the electronic music scene in Vancouver, Canada; hosting late license parties with big name acts from around the world playing their venue. Looking to side-step the typical look and feel of promotions associated with electronic music, JJD Works opted for a more post-punk, arts-and-crafts feel that have made the flyers present a unique style for Open Studios‘ high-profile events. This working relationship has been on an ad-hoc basis since 2006, and below is a selection of posters done since that time.
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National Arts Fundraising School — Intro to NAFS Information Video
=mc consulting is one of Europe’s longest established consulting firms working with charities, INGOs and public bodies and the National Arts Fundraising School (NAFS) is an entity within that firm that provides training in fundraising for those looking for funding for organisations working in arts, theatre, charity and other non-profits. NAFS wanted visually engaging informational video that summarized the various training programmes they were looking to promote for the 2023 year, as well as additional benefits for those looking to take part in one of their programmes.
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BTN BUMN — Branding Pitch
JJD Works was brought onto this project by an Asian marketing agency to create a new look for a bank merger that was overall part of a massive pitch to their client… the bank themselves. The challenge was to merge two existing brands into one brand and present a new updated image for the merged company, and in turn retaining awareness of the hierarchy between the two brands. For this project numerous deliverables were designed and constructed, including mockups of adverts, banners and flags, as well as layout grids for creating further print materials, usage of logos and sizing
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Backcountry Brewing — Website Development & Design
Backcountry Brewing is a new contender in British Columbia’s vibrant small brewing industry. Since their inception in 2017 they have taken off and haven’t looked back; with press coverage in numerous major news outlets, brewing magazines and other media, as well as sweeping up a number of a number of brewing awards, including “Rookie Of The Year” in the BC Beer Awards. Having worked with founders on numerous projects over the years, JJD Works jumped on board to bring their unique brand and quality product to the online world in the form of
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MC Consulting — Website Development & Design
=mc consulting is one of Europe’s longest established consulting firms working with charities and public bodies. Having built a strong relationship with this client over the course of a couple of years on numerous web development projects, the time came to built out their flagship website. Given the amount of research articles, insights and other company information that needed to be packed in, this project required quite a lot of stragetising, planning and meetings to establish how the content would be structured and how the information should flow throughout the site to ensure readership.
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