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Freelance Illustrator

Working with video Infographics and animations, whiteboard animations or explainer videos. Illustration for Children's books, Websites, Leaflet, HTML5 Games and Logo design. I have also spent a lot of time building websites using wordpress and can create a beautiful, functional site that can suit your needs. Clients include ING Bank, A.H.Stockwell Publishers, 33 Digital, Hotwire PR among others.

Clients: ING Bank,A.H.Stockwell,Fakenham,Strategis,Local Treasures,GlobalMaxer,Boomtown Fair,Oban Multilingual SEO

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Graphic Designer (Senior), Exhibition Graphics Designer (Senior), Packaging Designer (Senior), Point Of Sale Designer (Senior), Print Manager (Senior), Signage Designer (Senior), Illustrator (Senior), 2D/3D Designer (Senior), Cartoon / Caricature (Senior), Childrens (Senior), Storyboard (Senior), Technical (Senior), Web Designer (Senior), Web Animator (Senior), Client Side Developer (Senior), Typesetter (Senior), Film / Video / Multimedia (Senior), Flash (Senior)

Tags: illustration children design logos animation web-design



Hot Rod Customs Logo
A logo designed for a hot rod customisations company.
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Classic Cars Racing Cartoon
Cartoon Illustration of Classic cars racing Le mans style to finish line.
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Henry and Friends
I recently finished working on a Children's book written by Sandy Williamson titled "Henry and Friends". Here is a preview.
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Chester The Cheeky Chimp
I recently finished working on a Children's book written by Linda Ambrose titled "Chester The Cheeky Chimp". Here is a preview. The book is now available.
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Banking Animation
Edited sections of a short banking animation, video infographic or explainer video I made for a major banking client. based on modern banking technologies.
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Father's day card
A Father's Day card featuring a cat reading a newspaper created for the thortful site, available here
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Relaxing Teemo
An illustration I was asked to do of the Teemo character by Riot Games, to show a sleeping Teemo to be used as a holding page for the Teemo Scouts Europe website.
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Snail with no shell
An illustration I completed for a children's book by Jan Akhtar about a snail that has lost it's shell.I have used more traditional techniques using inks and watercolour.
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Bat Freak!

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Green Witch
I am currently working on a Children's book written by Aprill Harper titled "Witches, Hats and All That". The attached picture is an early character design for the Green Witch. The book should be available early next year.
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Witch, Pirate Ship and more
A poster using the favourite characters i've illustrated for A.H.Stockwell. A Dragon, A green Witch and green cat, A pirate ship called the "Punky Dragon", Chester the Cheeky Chimp, Pom Pom the Podgy Bear, A blue Fairy, Mrs Littlelegs and Sizzler.
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The Adventures of Mrs Littlegs and Sizzler
I recently finished working on a Children's book written by Alan Withers titled "The Adventures of Mrs Littlelegs and Sizzler". Mrs Littlelegs and Sizzler - a dear little old lady and her dear little sausage dog - are a familiar sight in the town of Donnythewe. Here they come now. As usual Sizzler has a grin on his face like somebody who knows a secret but will not say what it is. Mrs Littlelegs is smiling cheerfully, but she is clutching her umbrella as if she means business. It looks as though they are setting out on another of their dizzy adventures.
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