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I am an Illustration specialist with 13 Years Art industry experience including the games industry. I am proficient in traditional and digital media, and have a sound knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3DS Max and Maya.

I enjoy the challenge of being flexible on style and being creative with ideas. I have used my 2D and 3D skills on children's books, games, commercial websites and comics.

For a larger sample of my work, visit my personal website at

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Middle Weight

Other Skills:Graphic Designer (Junior), Illustrator (MiddleWeight), 2D/3D Designer (Junior), Cartoon / Caricature (MiddleWeight), Childrens (MiddleWeight), Storyboard (MiddleWeight), Technical (Junior), 3D Modelling / Animation (MiddleWeight), Film / Video / Multimedia (Junior), Flash (Junior)

Tags: Illustration 3D-modelling



A portrait in graphic style.
Fereya Illustration
Comic Character Illustration
Raccoon Underwater Party
T shirt design for Chilli Fox.
Pied Piper of Biscuits
Illustration for Chilli Fox T shirts.
Happy Sausages
Sarcastic Illustration for T shirt design.
Avatar designs
These are avatar designs for a facebook application.
frontpage for elearning module
This is a Chapter selection page for an e-learning project.
Illustration for book
This was commissioned for a book on finding the right partner.
Cat Design
This was designed for a cross stitch kit for Goldleaf Needlework.
Ferens the Cat
These were illustrations for a book by Roger McGough for the Hull Art Gallery.
comic page example
This a page from the comic I write and draw.

The comic is online here
Cherry Beer Girl
A Manga label for a local firm who plan on brewing their own beer. They requested a Manga style girl and a cherry theme to her outfit.