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Freelance Illustrator


Cartoonist and book illustrator
Journalism on cancel culture
40 years experience in the British 'Small Press'.
Political cartoonist for national daily UK newspaper from 2015 - 2020.
Current weekly cartoonist for UK news/comment website

Works in a range of styles with self publishing authors; and teachers producing creative writing projects for the classroom.
Recently published her own cartoon review of 2020, " 2020, The Year We Were All Cancelled"!
Fast turnaround.
References available.
Recently started doing live-action cartoons for insertion into videos, see

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Illustrator (Senior), Cartoon / Caricature (Senior), Childrens (Senior), Journalist (Junior), Current Affairs (MiddleWeight), Investigative (Junior), Politics (MiddleWeight)

Tags: Cartoons and illustrations Journalist



Halloween Lockdown cartoon
Political cartoon on Halloween 2020
Cover Illustration
Cover illustration to new book by Sociologist Frank Furedi,"Democracy Under Siege"
Trump - Joker in the Pack cartoon
Political cartoon. Published in the Morning Star in 2016-7, Trump's first election.
Pig Heart Boy illustration
Illustration to Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman, for creative writing in the classroom project.
Sad Rabbit
An illustration to " Wee Bunny Book 2" published by Scottish children's author Elaine May Smith.
Naughty Goats in the kitchen
Illustration to unpublished children's book about two naughty goats. I dont know why circular images look elliptical on here!
Winter Solstice Greetings Card
A card for the pagans in your family! A masculine Henge being subverted by a Sheela-Na-Gig, the fertility idol of the British Isles.
Science Fiction - Voice of the Cielago
An illustration to Dune by Frank Herbert. See this and other SF/Fantasy illos on my website, on the SF, Horror, and Lord Dunsany pages.
Cover to " Belstarr, The Lost Toymaker" by Wolf Hawk Writing
This lettering for this cover illustration was also all by hand. I only use paint programs to slightly enhance colours or get rid of unnecessary marks!
Confused Viruses?
In Autumn 2020 the UK's Covid- 19 Lockdown restrictions were a patchwork quilt. These two confused Virus Ramblers appeared on in October.
Scarecrow blown away
Illustration to children's book "Hurricane Hilda and Mr Crabby Crab", part of a series of several books published by Scottish children's author Elaine May Smith
Cover to " Wee Bunny Book 2" by Elaine May Smith
Cover to children's book.
This image is all done by hand and old fashioned cut & paste with scissors and glue, not online!
Another circular image that looks elliptical on here!