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Freelance Illustrator

I am an award winning cartoonist and illustrator intent on world domination. ;)

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Illustrator (Senior), Cartoon / Caricature (Senior), Childrens (Senior), Storyboard (Senior), Technical (MiddleWeight)

Tags: cartoon illustration



Harley Quinn Fan Art
My most recent submission to the Trinquette Monthly Challenge. I elected to do a fan art piece from the DC Comic universe. Presenting Harley Quinn!

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A vision of tomorrow
What form will mining take in the years to come? I was commissioned to visualise a possible future for DeBeers Diamond Mining Company. The entire project took 6 weeks and you can see why if you follow the link I have provided! :D
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Millie and Tillie
A sweet Xmas story written by a loving Dad for his young daughter. Millie loves her Nan’s dog Tillie and whenever they visit her grandparent’s Millie sets off to find Tillie. The problem was, one day Tillie wasn’t to be found anywhere...
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PING the Panda
Ping is an unused character that I enjoy very much. I have put him on display because I am certain others will enjoy the character too. I’ve provided a link to share the entire journey in developing Ping. I believe it’s a good indication of how I work.
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The ballad of Billy Slack
Norman Wheatley commissioned a series of illustrations for an upcoming musical interlude at the Warwick Folk Music Club. The story is of a musical agent discovering the perfect teen idol. The problem is the kid can’t sing! The rest is a charming tale of misadventure!
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Wot Crisis?
Whilst you are enduring forced hermitage at home and wondering what to do with yourself, I am in my element!

Having been working alone since 2000, I have evolved some practices that help keep me positive and productive during the down times. So I am still OPEN for business!

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Stanford The Flying Pig
I was approached by a client to produce 17 illustrations for her children’s book. It is a story of friendship, endurance and victory in the face of adversity. I loved the story and decided to help make this a reality. The client was ecstatic with the final result. So pleased!!!
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Isometric Cities
I was commissioned to create 5 progressive illustrations of a Change Process for De Beers Financial Division. Each stage was created in vector art so allow for massive enlargement to cover billboards and murals. The final product was very impressive indeed. Everybody was blown away by the details.
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Cee Cee
I was commissioned to develop a character for Crazy Crafts who sell all manner of Arts and Crafts products. The character was loved by both my client and his customers, so much so that the character has been all over the world at trade shows, international events and has a substantial instagram following. Great to see a character I designed working so well for my client.
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