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Cartoonist and illustrator intent on world domination. For the easiest way to find more of my latest work, why not Google my name? :D

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Illustrator (Senior), Cartoon / Caricature (Senior), Childrens (Senior), Storyboard (Senior), Technical (Senior)

Tags: cartoon illustration



Political cartoons
Single panel Political cartoons.
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Brand Mascot and Character development.
I have many characters for children's products and brands to share in the link provided below.
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Children's Illustrations
I love creating art that supports children's literature. I love the cute, quirky characters and the joy and knowledge they give children.
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Realistic Illustrations
I accept commissions for realistic illustrations. The website link below will take you to a gallery showing examples of my realistic work.
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Vector Art
I undertake commissions for vector art illustrations. I’ve linked this article to my website page with a gallery of examples of my work.
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Stanford The Flying Pig
Something heartwarming. I was approached by an author to produce 17 illustrations for a story of friendship, endurance and victory in the face of adversity.
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Cartoons are my greatest passion. Apart from just being fun to create, they’re an amazing way of communicating. Most people can’t resist looking at a cartoon. They are a great lead into articles, presentations, advertisements and marketing campaigns.
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Isometric Illustrations
Isometric art places objects created with parallel lines on the same plane without having to allow for perspective. This rather technical form of art is popular with game and icon developers. They work particularly well for Enterprise Change Roadmaps, Technical Illustrations and Systems Mapping.
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Caricatures are a great idea for awards, goodbyes and gifts. I get commissions for many cartoon caricature illustrations each year. Some require great detail and some are just quick cartoon scribbles. Either way I love doing artwork that affirms people and I frequently get letters of appreciation from those that receive them.
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I’m Bored! Children’s Book Illustrations
I collaborated with Debbie Hooper to create a book for our granddaughter Luna. It was a labour of love - I wanted to make something really special for Luna. My hope is that she will treasure the book all her life and someday read it to her own children. It is my hope that children everywhere will love and read this book too. It has a special message and a special significance.
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