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Matthew is a UK based freelance illustrator and animator. He studied and practiced drawn animation at art college in Newport, South Wales and graduated with a first class BA. Since then he has illustrated and animated for clients internationally including Air Charter, BTG plc, Deloitte, GWR, Hamleys, NHS and Swansea University.

Traditional and modern media are used in Matthew's work so he is as likely to wield an inky pen or brush as he is to use a digital pen and tablet.

Whatever the assignment or the medium, Matthew enjoys engaging with his clients and bringing their projects to life.

Key Skill:Illustrator Experience:Middle Weight

Other Skills:Illustrator (MiddleWeight), Cartoon / Caricature (MiddleWeight), Childrens (MiddleWeight), Storyboard (MiddleWeight), Film / Video / Multimedia (MiddleWeight), Flash (MiddleWeight)

Tags: Animation animator childrens-illustration illustration illustrator childrens-illustrator cartoon cartoonist caricature caricaturist



Children's Fantasy Illustration
Pencil drawing with digital ink and paint.
Business / Educational
Hand drawn on paper and digitally inked and painted.
Pantomime Poster
Poster illustration for a London pantomime production.
Digitally inked and coloured, humorous greetings image.
Children's Mural (Hamleys)
Digitally painted mural created in a naive style requested by the client.
Matthew's caricatures of the famous have accompanied articles and have been commissioned for use in merchandising.
Matthew's festive designs include work commissioned for retail displays, theatre, advertisements and greetings cards.
Children's Illustartion
Matthew has worked on children's book illustrations, character designs and illustrations for children's education and entertainment.
Business / Educational
Matthew provides illustrations for websites, conferences, presentations and publications to help clients in business and education make their point.
Mascots / Idents
This is an example of the work Matthew produces to represent organisations. The task can involve depicting established graphic elements (such as corporate characters) in the imagery or creating entirely new ones.