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Rosie Chard is an award-winning novelist, creative writing tutor, editor and English language teacher based in Brighton.
The main service she offers is manuscript evaluation which could include: a read, annotated notes on the full MS and a summary report of points to consider and suggestions, depending on individual requirements. She offers 1:1 discussions/ brainstorming sessions online. She is also available for mentoring and editing short stories and novels, including works by English-second-language writers.
She does not offer a proofreading service.

Key Skill:Editor / Proofreader Experience:Middle Weight

Other Skills:Copywriter (Junior), Editor / Proofreader (MiddleWeight)

Tags: Editor Mentor Writer



Published novels and writing awards
I have written three novels, Seal Intestine Raincoat (2009), The Insistent Garden (2013), and The Eavesdropppers (2018), all published by NeWest Press, Canada.

In 2010 Seal Intestine Raincoat received the Trade Fiction Book Award, Alberta Publishing Awards and an Honorable Mention in the Sunburst Fiction Award.

In April 2014 The Insistent Garden was the recipient of the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction in Manitoba, Canada.

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Children's Literacy
I have copyedited and proofread several children's literacy books.

"Rosie has proofread several of my children's books for the Osu Children's Library Fund, an organization promoting reading in Africa. She offered excellent suggestions to further the text's clarity along with giving attention to correct punctuation usage. Rosie's services as a proofreader made all the difference and gave me confidence in the quality of the finished product."

Kathy Knowles, Director Osu Children's Library Fund.
Academic Editing
I have edited/copyedited several professorial conference papers and academic journal submissions and one PhD.

"Rosie has edited several essays and papers of mine and over the course of several years has become a valuable source of my academic efforts. I rely on her as she always gives prompt feedback in a rigorous and sensitive way. Rosie is a master of text choreography, tension and precision, and seems to have magical skills when it comes down to describing unconventional or inventive thoughts."
Anna Thurmayr. Assistant Professor, Partner.
Editing for English-Second-Language-Writers
I have edited several academic texts for English-Second-Language writers.

"My first language is not English. I always intend language precision for lectures and publications etc. but that is unattainable without a congenial partner. Rosie is the perfect vis-a-vis for my ambitions. We have worked together for more than five years. She searches and digs through my texts, she questions and scrutinizes, she rejects and suggests until it fits. It is a challenging but absolutely creative way to edit."
Dietmar Straub. Assistant Professor, Partner.
The Insistent Garden
My second novel The Insistent Garden was published by NeWest Press in September 2013.
"A captivating, witty and beautifully written novel which probes the quirks and foibles of the English psyche."
~ Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Gardens Advisor, Historical Royal Palaces, London

"The novel is populated by baroque characters, vivid in their oddity, but they are not allowed to distract us from Edith, for this is the story of a lonely, marginalized individual in transition, the beginning of the rest of a life."
~ Margaret Thompson, The Coastal Spectator
Mentoring is a personal, constructive and supportive service I offer to writers who want to work with an experienced writer over an extended period of time in order to develop a specific project, gain confidence, and improve their writing skills.

“I feel so fortunate in finding Rosie. I remember, thirty minutes into my initial meeting knowing that I had found someone who could really help me. She has an intuitive understanding of what is required, driven by her genuine passion for a good story and a love of helping people achieve their potential. Jon Moir Writer
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Manuscript Evaluation
My manuscript evaluation service is aimed at writers with manuscripts of novels who would like an evaluation of their work before moving on to their next draft.

“Rosie's supportive and specific feedback on the first draft of my novel was invaluable. She has an ear for authenticity and was quick to point out the aspects of my writing that lacked verisimilitude. There's no doubt my novel is much stronger and more faithful to its setting and characters from having incorporated Rosie's suggestions."

C.C. Benison, author of Twelve Drummers Drumming, Delacorte Press/Doubleday

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