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Over the past eight years we have written content for some of the largest women's magazines in the UK, international businesses and for small, local businesses trying to establish their voice. We've been working with B&Q, the Royal College of GPs,IBM and plenty of local businesses to transform their messaging and get results.

Whether you're looking for targeted campaign messaging, help creating website text or feature articles or content for print media then we can help.

With experience as journalists and commissioning editors, we can help identify your key messages and angles that will help get your copy noticed.

Key Skill:Copywriter Experience:Middle Weight

Other Skills:Journalist (Senior), Current Affairs (MiddleWeight), Feature Writing (Senior), Babies / Children / Maternity (MiddleWeight), Beauty / Fashion (MiddleWeight), Business / Corporate (MiddleWeight), Education (MiddleWeight), Information Technology (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (MiddleWeight), Medical (MiddleWeight), Popular Culture (MiddleWeight), Sport (MiddleWeight), Travel/ Tourism (MiddleWeight), Copywriter (MiddleWeight), Arts / Entertainment (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Education (MiddleWeight), Health (MiddleWeight), Lifestyle (MiddleWeight), Medical (MiddleWeight), Technology (MiddleWeight), Travel / Tourism (MiddleWeight), Public Relations (Senior), Media Planning / Buying (Senior), Editor / Proofreader (MiddleWeight), Business / Commercial (MiddleWeight), Medical / Clinical (MiddleWeight), Travel / Tourism (MiddleWeight), Online / SEO (MiddleWeight), Charity (MiddleWeight), Students (Senior)

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We were approached to write the content for IBM's Digital Experience site. In a nutshell, the cloud-based platform unifies digital marketing agencies' campaigns and helps them to create a consistent consumer journey. We were able to help them show off the power of the new platform.
micro mart
We've created a number of feature articles for technology magazine, micro mart. Ranging from products, the internet, to changing political landscapes we have contributed feature articles up to four pages in length. Working alongside their editors we pitched ideas and created content that challenged their readers to look at technology in a different light.
Sport Hampshire & IOW
Sport Hampshire & IOW had a new website to launch to people throughout the county. We created a bus advertising campaign "Do More Be More" to target inactive people, and asking them "What will you do this year?" Hits to the website increased by over 100% combining the bus campaign messaging with a video and social media campaign.
Tree Fu Tom
Crane Media were launching their latest augmented reality app, Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures, and needed a press release to tell the world. Working alongside their Creative Director we created a press release to highlight the uniqueness of the app and it was released to a number of media outlets. The app is now available to download and is delighting children all over the world.
B&Q approached us as they needed help creating job adverts that entice people to apply. Working across their portfolio, we work closely with their Talent Attraction Managers to take ordinary job descriptions and turn them into adverts that make people want to work for B&Q. The roles are incredibly varied, and cover all levels - from Senior Management to Administration roles.
Swedish-based Eldon approached us to help them rejuvenate their external and internal communications. Specialising in the development of electrical and industrial enclosures, they wanted to add some interest to the work that they do. Focusing on the companies ethos, great staff and flexible nature we worked closely with them to change their communications and add value to their clients.
INK Publishing
Working closely with the Editor of J Magazine, Jazeera Airways in-flight publication, we came up with a number of creative ideas to help the magazine's content appeal to a wide variety of reader. Carefully balancing creative content whilst maintaining the magazine's integrity, we created content and put the Editor in touch with a number of key media contacts to ensure fresh and dynamic content remained at the forefront of the publication.
University of Winchester
The University of Winchester's Alumni magazine, Venta, needed a constant supply of news and features to keep alumni reading. Sitting down with them to identify their most influential and well known ex-students, we set about interviewing and featuring them in the magazine alongside current news and alumni updates. This overhaul of the content, gave overwhelming positive feedback with many commenting that it was the best alumni magazine they had the pleasure of reading.
That's Life!
Debi, our director, spent four months working as an in-house freelancer at that's life! on both the feature writing team and the commissioning desk. Interviewing, writing, researching and commissioning numerous articles for the magazine, she helped to craft some of the mind-blowing features that appear every week. Liaising with fellow freelancers, news desks and agencies she was able to ensure the magazine had enough features to fill the pages and that they were the right ones for the reader.
International marine interior refit business, Trimline Ltd, needed help with their messaging. They had lots of news and wanted to reach key industry figures, but didn't know how to do it. I worked closely with them for over 12 months to carefully identify their key skills and audiences, which in-turn led to the production of targeted messaging documents including press releases, videos, website text and newsletters that have helped the business grow from a turnover of 18 million to 25 million and growing.