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Freelance 3D Modelling / Animation

I am a freelance 3D Artist with ten years experience and do modelling and animation for visualisations and multimedia products. Characters, Promos, and Architecture.

Key Skill:3D Modelling / Animation Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Illustrator (MiddleWeight), Technical (Senior), 3D Modelling / Animation (Senior), Film / Video / Multimedia (MiddleWeight), After Effects (Senior), Premiere (Senior)

Tags: 3D-Modelling-Animation



Martina Furniture
Modelling and Animation of Furniture designs for web
[ visit website ]
Modelling & Animation of Meccano Helicopter
Personal Project
[ visit website ]
Same Again - Walsall NHS
2D Animation of 'Same Again' - Awareness video for hospitals

[ visit website ]
Care Centre
Architectural Modelling and Visualisation of Care Centre - Erdington

Gym View
[ visit website ]
Ford S-Max
Modelling and animation of cars for Ford web and Iphone applications.
Tilt/Chinook Design
[ visit website ]
Rex - Pixar
Modelling and animation of REX Character - for 'Marbelous'
Toy Story 3 Website - Jollywisemedia
[ visit website ]
Characters Modelled and animated for Interactive children's DVD and TV Commercial.
Product sold in Argos
[ visit website ]
Tigger & Pooh
Modelling & Animation of the well known Disney characters.
visualisation of a new range for Disney Shop. Preconstruct
[ visit website ]
Oak House
Architectural Visualisation of Oak House - commisioned by Sandwell Council.
The project was part of a regeneration scheme
[ visit website ]
Ford Ecoboost Engine
Technical animation of New Ecoboost Engine for Ford S-Max and C-Max.
The animations were for an IPhone app for the company.
[ visit website ]
Intro Animation for Tron Website
Modelled and animated the Light Cycle
for Jollywisemedia who were pitching
for a web concept for Disney
[ visit website ]
ITV Commercial
A simple logo animation for 'WeWantAnyCar.Com - commisioned by Koala TV - After a highly successful initial campaign in the Midlands and the North, we have just gone
national on ITV.
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