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Freelance 3D Modelling / Animation

With over 15 year’s of experience in creative design and CGI, RSL Designs have worked on a variety of projects, including solutions for market research and consultancy services, public sector organisations, automotive industry, cosmetic companies, medical sector, manufactures, restaurants, real estate, healthcare and fitness.

We have worked on projects with Shark, Panasonic, BT, Fellowes and created content that has been viewed by millions of customers through TV advertising.

Working alongside Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, we turned the ideas of small children into walking, talking animated characters.

We’ve created social media imagery and video content for raft of companies wanting to push their marketing to the next level.

If you demand creative, memorable results, delivered within budget and on time, then you’ve come to the right place.


Motion Graphics -
Animated content is the key to attracting and ultimately engaging with your clients. We use a variety of visual elements to create social media videos, corporate videos and explainer videos.
Product Visualisation -
With the power of CGI, we're able to show you and your clients how your product will look in the real world, even before it goes into production. We can show the inner workings of a product, detailing it's moving parts, something real world cameras can't achieve.
Architectural Visualisation -
Are you an architect or property developer and new to communicate your ideas to your clients? We can provide 3D/CGI buildings and infrastructures for animation or illustration for any type of planning application.
We can generate stunning imagery (digital or optical effects) or integrate live action footage (special effects) to create environments, inanimate objects, animals or creatures which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, time consuming or impossible to capture on film.
Graphic Design / Illustration -
From full page process charts, to striking infographics, through to scroll images and video, we can help breathe life into your corporate documents, advertising campaigns, social media imagery and other marketing material.
Print -
Do you require business cards, posters, handouts, reports, user manuals or full colour brochures? We can provide you with print ready documents, to your design specifications.


“Ricky is a highly skilled and extremely reliable artist, who I’ve worked with on several projects over the past few years. He delivers quality work to a deadline, and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Simon Smalley - Professional 3D/VFX Artist and Director
Small Animations
Ricky and I have worked together on many marketing and branding projects for clients across a variety of industry’s including Real Estate, Nutrition, Food, Dry Cleaning. What Ricky brings to the working relationship is a level of creativity that isn’t easily found, he takes time to deliver on briefs accurately and takes demanding and changing client feedback with no change in pace.

Clare Gill - Director and Owner
Creative Husk
Ricky was a pleasure to work with, highly professional, creative, and on a very tight deadline. He took time to understand my business and objectives, intuitively designed the tone, palette and style of my company logo and website with very few amendments needed from me along the way, largely also as a result of his clear communication and expectation setting. His ongoing care and service have also been first class. Feedback from my clients echoes a job well done!

Sue Hunt
It’s an absolute pleasure working with Richard. He spends time understanding my unique requirements, but what always amazes me is the quality of his first draft and how closes it matches what I had imagined. If you are looking to use a graphic designer, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Richard!

Lisa Allan - Client Director
PAM - People Asset Management Ltd
"Ricky is able to take information and turn it into what we want without too much guidance, which is great when in a pressured bid situation. He has managed to juggle requests from multiple team members, as well as all other work he had, and ensured that we met deadlines which is much appreciated. Thank you Ricky!"

Business Development Manager - OH Assist
"RSL Designs were able to incorporate all my requested changes and at such short notice. The final design nailed the brief and we were delighted with the look and feel of the new logo."

Matt Evans (Managing Director) - Lynx Electrical and Security
"...very, very, very, very pleased with it."

Dr Sandra Reyes-Beaman (Equality & Human Rights Project Manager) - Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
"RSL Designs hit the 'sweet spot' when coming up with our visual identity, coupling a creative and imaginative approach whilst keeping a firm focus on our customers and the specific needs of our business. Richard was responsive throughout despite tight deadlines, and the whole package was cracking value!"

Adam Payne (Managing Director) - ARP Research
"RSL Designs is a MUST HAVE for our/any business. The return on investment is undeniable. Ricky turned a complicated brief and into a simple & powerful visual concept that has rewarded us again and again. Better still, he had the foresight to make it adaptable for future use. His work is spot on and the outcome exceeded expectations."

Charlotte Cross (Association Manager) - COHPA

Clients: BT,OH Assist,Fujitsu,Panasonic,NHS England,Alder Hey CHildren's Hospital,Shark,Lynx Electrical and Security,Borders Biscuits,Peters' Cleaners,Fellowes,Elite Electrical Contractors

Key Skill:3D Modelling / Animation Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Architectural Designer (Senior), Graphic Designer (Senior), Exhibition Graphics Designer (Senior), Packaging Designer (Senior), Point Of Sale Designer (Senior), Print Manager (Senior), Signage Designer (Senior), 2D/3D Designer (Senior), 3D Modelling / Animation (Senior), Film / Video / Multimedia (Senior), After Effects (Senior), Premiere (Senior), Event 3D Visualizations (Senior), Exhibition 3D Visuals (Senior)

Tags: Motion Graphics 3D-modeling Architectural-visualisation Illustrations Graphic-Design Animation Product-visualisation



I have skills which cover a number of creative areas. This showreel focusses on the work we have done which required the use of 3D/CGI to adhere to the client's brief and bring their visions to life.
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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Renders
For Shark (one of the leading tech innovators and produces of vacuums and kitchen appliances) we were tasked with taking their pre-existing CAD models and turning them into 3D product renders (to be used on the products packaging).
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Beats Headphones
Using Lightwave 3D, 3DCoat and Blackmagic's Fusion 8 compositing software; we were able to produce this animated sequence of the Beats Wireless Headphones. We wanted to give the animation a fluid-like flow, where pieces of the earmuff would join together to become on complete fabric, conforming to the boundaries of the other earpiece housing. The fluid theme continues when the slider frame forms and binds with the headband.
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Estadio do Maracana (Maracana Stadium)
We were recently tasked with modeling the Maracana Stadium which would host the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A lot of time was spent on R&D, including references of the seats, dugouts, entrance and exits, etc.

Lightwave 3D & LWCAD were used to map out the pitch and the four-foci-ellipse seating area and roof. Using Lightwave 3D instancing, we placed an instance placeholder poly for each of the stadium seats. This allowed us to reduce final render times.
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Fellowes - Photoreal Product Renders
Fellowes European Workspace Health Division required a series of product shots producing for their launch of their refreshed workspace cleaning range.

We used photoreal product renders as a quick and easy way to create simple product shots, before the physical items were rolling off the production line.

We created 3D models for 8 of their main products and overlaid their new artworks to deliver a total of 22 product renders including air duster spray cans, cleaning cloth tubs & cleaning kits.
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Border Biscuits - Product Viz
For the launch of their Dark Chocolate Ginger range, Borders Biscuits tasked us with producing shots that would be used by set designers in creating life-sized versions for a photoshoot at the Calton Hill Monument, Edinburgh.

Using 3DCoat and reference shots of the packaging, we sculpted the original biscuit and the new bar version. We included UV'd models (both closed and opened) of the new wrapper (with artwork provided by Border Biscuits) and rendered using Octane Render, inside of Lightwave 3D.
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The Leaky Gut 3D/CGI animation
We were tasked by Synergy Worldwide with creating a video that shows the effects of an imbalance in your gut microbiome, how that can lead to a leaky gut, allowing toxins to gain access to your bloodstream.

R&D was the key to understanding the look and feel of this project and we spoke in detail with the client on how best to approach the story.

All assets were created using Lightwave3D and 3DCoat.

The shots were rendered out using Octane Render, with DaVinci Resolve and Fusion providing the additional callouts and production of the final video.
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Audemars Piguet Wrist Watch
Founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet is a manufacturer of ultra-luxury Swiss watches. Here, I recreated one of their rare Royal Oak Concept watches, using Lightwave 3D (all sub-d modeling) 3DCoat used for texturing, with final post work and comp in Fusion.

For lighting, we used a hdri image and a single spherical light. For additional reflections, we also used curved sets of polygons (bounce cards) with very high luminosity values.

Final shots were sent to and rendered out to .exr format, included depth and motion buffers for utilising in Fusion.
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Durts Boots - Photoreal Product Renders
Creating 3D models or things that don't exist, allowing clients to showcase their ideas, before they've even hit the production line. Present their ideas to investors or manufactures.

Durts Workwear present their ideas and designs for a new type of fashionable, rugged, hard-wearing work boot to us.

We were given pencil sketches and examples of other footwear currently used by walkers and climbers. From this, we created 2D mock-ups, 3D models and final renders.

The final renders were used by the client to show potential manufactures what the client had envisaged.
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He slimed me - Ghostbusters
Project Slimer. Using 3DCoat as the main app, I sculpted his form in voxels and then worked on the detail using surface mode. In the paint room I worked on getting his slimey look, for both his green skin and tongue.

To finish off the project, I took him into Lightwave 3D and rigged him (and his tongue) for animation. We wanted to project the final animation onto a hallway backplate, to recreate the "He slimed me" scene. Using the Slimer object as a particle emitter, we were able to produce a particle pass that would be used to distort the backplate and give it a further ghostly look.
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Explainer Video - Solar Electrical Installations
We were asked by Elite Solar Contractors to produce a video that would empower potential customers with the knowledge & understanding of the processes involved when having solar equipment installed on their property.

We created a script and used this as a guide for the voiceovers.

We created a moodboard, with different designs & imagery, to allow ESC to clearly understand the look & direction we wanted to go in.

Using a storyboard we were able to block in certain parts of the processes & assess timings, based around the voiceover audio files.

The final video was compiled in After E
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