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I'm a 3D/2D Artist with 14 years professional experience. My career has predominantly been in videogames, where I have worked for 2 major studios in multiple roles including VFX Artist, Senior Artist, Lead Artist and Lead Character Artist roles.I also spent 5 years as a senior artist working in advertising at a successful 3d Animatics company. I am also an experienced 2d artist having worked for clients ranging from greetings cards to logos and book illustration. More recently, I've worked on numerous architectural projects, and created animations for the hit TV show "Catchphrase". My skills include 3d modeling, game assets, Unreal Engine 3 and Unity game Art/VFX, rigging, lighting, animation, architectural visualisation, texture creation, illustration, logo design, editing, and post production. Please visit my website for more information, and don't hesitate to email with any enquiries!

Key Skill:3D Modelling / Animation Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Architectural Designer (MiddleWeight), Illustrator (Senior), 3D Modelling / Animation (Senior), Film / Video / Multimedia (MiddleWeight)

Tags: videogame artist animator 3d architecture illustrator illustration books childrens game max maya photoshop traditional digital 2d Unity Unreal



A couple of the Logo designs I have created for various clients
Farm Building
This set was created as a backdrop to an animation for a client.
Xmas Card
One of the designs from a range of similarly styled Xmas cards i created
Lounge Cottage
This 3d rendering was an archetectural mock up of a homely cottage lounge.
Boys Bedroom
I was commissioned to create this piece as a mock up for an interior design company.
This high end Bathroom 3d render was created as a mock up for an architectual visualisation.
A curious commission from a client who requested a character design of a rollerblading Samurai!
Phantom Archer
This illustration was the book cover and logo for the novel "The Phantom Archer" by Natalie Shaw.
This set was used in a popular advertising campaign in America for the Scrubbing Bubbles product.
This gameart model was created for a multiplayer title wher the poly count and texture sizes needed to be optimal.
This was a 3d Model I created, rigged and animated for SC Johnson of their popular "Raid" Roach advert campaign in the US
This was a major prop for a games pitch. Modelled and rendered in 3ds Max, the polycount and shaders use current gaming standards.