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Freelance 3D Modelling / Animation

Our goal is to provide bespoke, realistic and best quality graphic. We are working across multiple industries including: Retail, Architecture and Manufacture with the brands: Grohe, Milwaukee, and many more across the UK and EU.

Key Skill:3D Modelling / Animation Experience:Senior

Other Skills:Architectural Designer (MiddleWeight), Graphic Designer (MiddleWeight), Point Of Sale Designer (MiddleWeight), 2D/3D Designer (MiddleWeight), 3D Modelling / Animation (Senior), Event 3D Visualizations (MiddleWeight), Exhibition 3D Visuals (MiddleWeight)

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Interior Visualization
3D imagery of interiors.
Retail & POS Design
Design & Visualization of POS display for GROHE.
Krystian Niemiec
Freelance 3D Designer
0745 967 3301
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Product Visualization
is a 3D model of the product in rotating view which allows examining the item from each angle and side. Thanks to 3D visualization you are able to see the final product even when it only exists as a drawing or a CAD. It gives you innumerable possibilities of modifying the colour, lighting, position or even the size of the product without waste time and resources to produce and prepare the finished product. Moreover, 3D visualization can easily substitute the photographic session.
Architecture Visualization
We are offering multiple solutions which could improve the promotion process of the new properties. To engage consumer fully it is important to show them the estate in interesting and easier to visualize form than traditional drawing thus we offer you an architecture visualization. It allows you to demonstrate to the clients 3D floorplans, interior visualization or even walkthrough animations. Moreover, we are happy to use new technologies like VR to prepare 360 degree renders available to show immersive visualization of interior which can be a game changer in this industry.
3D Animation
Based on your brief we prepare professional animation which may be demonstrated in dynamic advertisement style or in a distinguished showcase. Moreover, we are able to simulate micro processes like the movement of particles, flowage of any liquid or any other mechanism in easy to understand form. Our team have experience in creating a product showcases which can help with professional promotion of new line of any merchandise by explaining the functions and design of the device. 3D Animation might be used as a showcase for an investor, guidance during the manufacturing process or for promotion.