Tips for completing the game Dark Souls II. Drangleic Castle Level

Go down the stairs

Open the door that was behind the enemies. Kill two ordinary guards inside and go down the stairs.

Open the door

Go ahead and open the two blue doors. A bonfire is burning behind them.

Kill the guards near the door

Light a fire, leave the room and turn left. There are six doors. Two sleeping guards on either side of each door. They will come to life when you approach them. When you kill them, their souls will be absorbed by the door and it will open.

Defeat the Sentinel Ruins

There is a way to another bonfire and an old man on a chair behind the third door on the left. If you talk to this person, he will allow you to go to an optional location for one human effigy every time. Back to the doors - each of them locks the enemy - the equivalent of a Guardian of Ruins, but stronger. Try to open only one door at a time. When you defeat all the enemies and take items from the chests, go through the first door on the right.

Open the chest

Open the chest and take the Dark Arrow. In addition, next to the stairs you will find a corpse from which you can take a soul, an Old Shining Lifegem and a Monastery Charm.

Go upstairs

Go upstairs. You will see the acid spilled. If you want to pick up items from here, remove all your items because the acid will destroy them.

Avoid the mask

Go upstairs until you reach the room with masks on the walls. Be careful because they shoot poisonous darts. Take the soul and the shimmering titanite from the corpse.

Kill the enemies one by one

Exit the room and go to the next one. There are three powerful guards inside. Lure them to the stairs and kill them one by one. You can kill the guard with a crossbow first. Beware of the painting, because it is cursed.

Go down the stairs

Exit the room, turn right and go upstairs. Go down the stairs. There's a secret room around the corner, and there's a bonfire inside it. Light it up. Kill the crossbowmen and climb the stairs.

Talk to the queen.

Go upstairs. Talk to the queen sitting on the throne in the opposite part of the room.

Walking through the fog

Exit the room and walk along the wall into the fog. Behind him you will fight with two dragon riders.

Invasion: Nameless Usurper - Appears behind you, in a location with three knights and a painting.

Boss - Twin Riders

The boss is a Mirror Knight

Stone Guardians - four opponents who pretend to be statues. You can kill them from afar using a bow (these are statues with heads). They drop rare Llewelyn armor (helmet is not included).

oss - The Guardian of the Throne and the Observer of the Throne - The King's Ring is required (The Crypt of the Undead)

Boss - Nashandra - Requires the Ring of the King (the Crypt of the Undead), The Kinship of Giants (The Memory of the Jig - boss). king billy casino