Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world

It is no secret that Zurich is one of the largest cities in Switzerland and occupies its honorable second place in the ranking of the "Most expensive cities in the World" for 2016 according to The Economist magazine.
How did it deserve such recognition in the world's top expensive cities, given that Zurich has held its leading position for several years? The fundamental fact was Switzerland's refusal to support the Euro, thereby strengthening its national currency, the franc. Of course, you should not lose sight of the pricing policy for housing and transport - they, too, no matter how banal it may sound, are not the cheapest.
But those who would like to see for themselves the "high cost" of Zurich, the first thing to do is to look not at the National Bank of the country, but at the main station street Bahnhofstrasse (Bahnhofstrasse), which connects the Station with Lake Zurich. This street will not leave anyone indifferent! Despite the fact that the street is relatively short (only 1.4 km), it houses boutiques of the world's most famous designers, be it Giorgio Armani or Montblanc, ending with the official Apple Store and boutiques of Swiss watches. For the record, it should be noted that in 2011, Zurich Station Street was recognized as the most expensive in the world. Well, what can I do, Switzerland likes to be in the top of the best.
And what about education? Is education really the best? Bingo! Zurich is home to one of the best educational institutions in the world and the best in Europe - the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich, where Albert Einstein himself studied at one time.
Zurich itself has a rich and interesting history. For example, in the past, Bahnhofstrasse was called Froschengraben, which translates from German as "The Moat of Frogs", and on the famous Lindenhof (linden yard), where hundreds of tourists converge because of the beautiful view of the old town, there is a monument to the heroines of Zurich (the original name "Statue der heldenhaften Zurcherin"), who defended the city with their resourcefulness.
In addition to all of the above, it would be unfair not to mention the low crime rate. Zurich is one of the ten safest cities. And if we had the opportunity to choose a place of residence, Zurich would again be in the top of the leaders, because what could be better than a city where the safest banks, the most delicious chocolate and almost zero crime rate? And what is expensive… So you always have to pay for quality, and money is the least you can give for a quiet, safe life in one of the most expensive cities in the World. Experience the thrill of online gambling at its finest with Loki Casino !