SME ‘victory’ sends breath of relief to small firms defeated by business rates

New rate relief scheme to help struggling firms comply with prejudice charging.

Jul 30, 2004 | News

Bosses offload costly IT for hired help and higher salaries

Half of UK business admit to wasting revenue through not understanding their own IT needs.

Jul 29, 2004 | News

Mobile users told to shut it

Hi-tech 'wallpaper' bars mobile phone signals from "quiet zones" designed for your peace and protection.

Jul 28, 2004 | News

Self-employed workers send the government a cash-in-hand tax bill of £100 billion

Blue and white-collar workers fail to declare their worth as taxman is relieved of £100bn in the UK’s "black economy."

Jul 26, 2004 | News

BBC Freelance Training Open Day

The Beeb are looking for ‘individuals who can help us deliver world-class training to BBC staff and the broadcast industry’ – details of application available here.

Jul 26, 2004 | News

E-mail security alert sends enterprise a ten-year challenge with code and virus attacks

Business gets the needle over email and says 'valid alternative' would make them quit high-speed messaging.

Jul 23, 2004 | News

Self-help scheme for entrepreneurs nets revenue for small companies short on innovation

Free Web service helps enterprise gain from innovation & ideas without losing business focus.

Jul 21, 2004 | News

Entrepreneurs struggle online over e-pressures and high-speed expectation from UK customers

Small business becomes ensnared in the World Wide Web as SMEs hunt for 'completely new markets' online.

Jul 20, 2004 | News

Blinkx delivers next-generation prize to retrieve 'lost' data and boost online search

TV on the internet? Searching without key words? In a Blinkx of an eye, we all might be clicking differently.

Jul 19, 2004 | News

Cash-strapped government bails on commitment to small technology firms

SMEs and technology professionals told to quit 'funds for all' scheme or compete for cash online.

Jul 16, 2004 | News

Wannabe entrepreneurs ignore gloomy six years for the 'fantastic' start-up race of UK business

"Uplift in confidence" sends thousands to incorporate despite bankruptcy blues and interest rates.

Jul 15, 2004 | News

National Bank axes SME division as access to finance 'no longer a problem' for UK entrepreneurs

BoE cuts "key role" to small firms with closure and rate rise sending a "negative message" to business start-ups.

Jul 15, 2004 | News

Red tape alert - New law on sales calls may cost your company £11,250

The cost of the new Corporate Telephone Preference Service legislation, which extends the right to opt-out from receiving unsolicited sales calls to limited companies, PLCs, schools, hospitals and government offices, could be as high as £11,250 per year for a company making calls to businesses across the UK.

Jul 14, 2004 | News

Chancellor Reviews his pledge to small business with DTI shake-up for 'greater efficiency'

Bonus for business as Government offers local agency support and cuts DTI red tape with 1,000 compulsory job losses.

Jul 13, 2004 | News

Avoidance scheme for the rich taxes government's plan to stamp out abusive Revenue loss

Inland Revenue Commissioners favour tax planning deals for the wealthy as government launches new avoidance calls "not in line with the law."

Jul 12, 2004 | News

£5,000 fine for cold callers

Praise be! The telephone preference service now applies to business as well as residential customers. If your businesses are troubled by cold callers then this could help.

Jul 11, 2004 | News

Mobile chip will give "magic of Bluetooth" next generation defences for handheld users

Cabir worm inspires mobile operators to treat handsets 'like a laptop,' as tech companies firewall wireless hackers.

Jul 8, 2004 | News

BBC editors reveal mistakes and decisions in online service to restore journalistic purity

Speedy apologies go live as online freelancers get to snoop and complain over "defective" editorial procedures.

Jul 7, 2004 | News

Latest Revenue scare tactics to hit the self employed

Not content with IR35, S660, IR591, and Form 42, the Revenue now look to be targeting the self employed, and are using some dubious tactics to do so.

Jul 6, 2004 | News

Insolvency rates expose UK hotspots for Britain's entrepreneurs

Bright light syndrome 'down South' means fewer business failures and an unwelcome return to the North-South divide.

Jul 6, 2004 | News

Computer users browsing with Microsoft to pay the "biggest price" from online exploits

Experts warn using your IE "is like playing the lottery," as 'significant vulnerabilities in technologies' hit online communities.

Jul 6, 2004 | News

Contractors and freelancers tempted to new tax treats in sweet deal for EU workers

High court ruling grants 'free movement' and less taxing treatment for hard-working Brits in Europe.

Jul 5, 2004 | News

Government drafts sharper laws to protect creative workers from intellectual pirates

Copyright thieves under attack as pirating clampdown and legal protection set to inspire UK creativity.

Jul 1, 2004 | News

Freelance nurses provide a lifeline to the NHS as staff shortage costs £600m

Locum nurses called upon to provide vital support for an ill-fated recruitment scheme.

Jun 29, 2004 | News

Paper-based poll quizzes entrepreneurs over red tape burdens on SME

Government sends bosses red tape busting form, asking 36 questions on whether regulatory filing distracts UK business from its day job.

Jun 28, 2004 | News

Revenue back on Form as tough share deal threatens lifeline of working partnerships

Section 660A rejuvenates, as 'systematic' tax sweep to shared enterprise crushes directors and workers.

Jun 25, 2004 | News

SMEs bank on fast debt recovery from high-speed lenders quick on the loan

UK banks blossom in Europe as the 'first real benchmark' shows SMEs accounts for 30 per cent of total lending.

Jun 25, 2004 | News

Inland Revenue beaten up by gang of marauding accountants

Revenue back down after trying to charge £300 for not completing a form which they didn’t tell anyone existed. Called Form 42, it affects almost all freelancers with limited companies.

Jun 24, 2004 | News

Freelance and contracted doctors for sale as e-auctions will go to the 'lowest' bidder

Agencies prepare for online price war as locum doctors bought off the internet undercut real 'medical professionals'.

Jun 23, 2004 | News

Government claims billion-pound bonus as UK workers set to labour for 70 years

Treasury spots £10bn in needed cash, as 65-year-olds must go on until they 'literally drop'.

Jun 22, 2004 | News