Filing your tax return with TaxScouts

TaxScouts simplify the process of sorting your taxes by making getting professional accounting help easier, and more accessible. They can file your Self Assessment tax return online or you can go to them for personalised tax advice on any topic. This can be anything from Capital Gains to Inheritance Tax to freelance expenses and more.

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Here are a few reasons that TaxScouts is a good choice when it comes to filing your self-employed taxes:

  • £119 (inc. VAT) to file a tax return
  • You get your own accredited personal accountant
  • The process is 100% online
  • They have a friendly, UK-based support team
  • Access hundred of jargon-free guides and tools on their website

save time and money with taxscouts

Who needs to file a tax return?

Anyone who earns more than £1,000 in untaxed income between 6th April to 5th April in any given year will need to file a tax return. This period is known as the tax year. The reasons for earning untaxed income can vary from any of the following reasons:

  • Self-employed or freelance earnings
  • Money earned from rental income
  • Profits from selling crypto
  • Profits from selling a property
  • Rental income from Airbnb
  • Earning over £100k from your PAYE job
  • Profits from selling shares
  • Money made from savings interest
  • And more!

How does TaxScouts work for tax returns?

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up on their homepage. From there they’ll ask you a few questions about your business and any other income you earned during the tax year. You’ll need to upload details of your income and business expenses for the accountant that they assign you to use.

And that’s it! 

Once you’ve paid the £119, you get assigned your own personal accountant who will ask you for any other information they need to get your tax return filed.

How does the tax advice service work?

If you have a tax situation that you’re struggling with, you can book a phone or video call with one of TaxScouts’ network of accredited accountants. You’ll get a full, personalised and confidential consultation with a written online summary for you to refer back to.

It’s quick and easy to book and will cost you a flat £99 per consultation.

10% discount on services for FreelanceUK readers

Nobody likes doing taxes. They’re complicated and the tax jargon is just ridiculous.

That’s why we’re offering FreelanceUK readers a 10% discount on our services!

  • Get your tax return sorted by an accredited UK accountant for a fixed fee of £119 £107, inc VAT
  • Book a 1-2-1 tax consultation with one of our accountants and get all your tax questions answered for a fixed fee of £99 £89, inc VAT.

For more information on how it all works, head over to