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Tax and rates allowances 2019/20 for freelancers

The tax rates and allowances for the year 2019/20 that are most relevant to small businesses. Although, this may change due to Brexit. 

Where do you go to for tax advice?

As John Antell explains, in England and Wales there are a number of professions who provide tax advice.

How do I keep my tax affairs in order?

Avoid the pitfalls of Self Assessment tax returns and prevent problems with the Taxman.

What to do when you get HMRC Enquiry.

HMRC Enquiries are very much on the increase. Tackle yours as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

How to deal with an HMRC Investigation

Understanding the difference between an enquiry and an investigation. Coping with an investigation.

Do I need to pay an accountant for financial and tax advice?

Assessing the cost and relative value of professional tax advisors and accountants '“ and finding out where to get free advice.

I've got a tax assessment and I don't think it is right. How do I appeal?

Even the Inland Revenue get things wrong. If you really think the Taxman is asking for more tax than is legally due, there are ways to appeal '“ and taxpayers do successfully overturn tax demands and determinations.

Complaining about the HMRC

I want to complain about how the Inland Revenue treated me and how they handled my tax affairs. How do I go about this?

Freelancers' Questions: Offshore loan scheme

I was invited to save tax by having some of my contractor's fees paid as offshore loans. This was a scheme set up professionally and I was assured it was a legitimate - the IR are now challenging the legality of the tax saved..