Once you have formed a company

Now that you have formed a company we strongly recommend that you use the services of an accountant as there are numerous statutory requirements that you will need to comply with. Several accountants advertise on CUK and will be able to advise on their charges and service offered.

The following are important dates in the tax calendar however:


5th April - Last day of the personal Tax Year
19th April - Last day for payment of PAYE before interest starts


19th May - Last day for filing forms P14, P35, P38, and P38A - 2003/04 PAYE returns, without incurring penalties
31st May - Last day to issue P60's to employees


6th July - Last day to file P11d's
31st July - 2nd Payment on account due for personal tax. Also, second £100 penalty for Personal Tax Returns still not submitted for previous year


30th September - Deadline for submitting your Personal Tax Return if you want the Revenue to calculate your tax


30th November - last day for filing form 42 or notifying the Revenue of the shareholders of the Company for Companies formed from 6th April 2003 to 5th April 2004


31st - Last day for filing previous years Personal Tax Return
31st - 1st Payment on account due for Personal Tax together with any balancing payment due for the previous year


1st - £100 penalty if 2004 Tax Return not yet filed. Additional penalties may apply for further delay.