Appointing Director and Secretary

Appointing your Director(s) and Secretary online:

Please go to: to form your company. You will be asked to nominate your Director and Secretary up front in order to form your company. Changes to these officers can be made via this section at a later date in addition. From 6th April 2008 you need only appoint one Director in order for form a company. (Previously, the Companies Act required that a Director and Secretary were appointed.)

Instructions for new formations:

Once you have selected your company fill out one online 288a form per person. You will access this in the pre-registration area by clicking on "Appoint new Director/Secretary/Subscriber".

Appointment type

Director or secretary. For each online 288a you will need to indicate which position the applicant will hold. (Director, Secretary or both.)

If nominating a person:

If you want to appoint a person as director/secretary, you will need to supply name and address, any previous names, date of birth, nationality, occupation, details of other directorships, with company name and number. If you are director/secretary of more than 5 companies please contact us first, as our online form has space for 5 only at present.

The signature/authentication information should be for the person you are appointing.

The address should be the HOME address of the new director/secretary, not the business address.

The consent signature is replaced by 3 items of security information, acting as an electronic signature, which is encrypted and held on our database and at Companies House in case of future enquiry.

You may choose 3 of these: town of birth, telephone no, NI no, passport no, mothers maiden name, eye colour, father's forename.

If nominating a company to hold a Director or Secretary position:

You need to supply the name of the company acting as director /secretary, (NOT the company you are making appointments to), followed by the surname and forename of the person authorising the company to act in this role.

The signature/authentication information should be for the person authorising the company to act.

The address should be the registered office address of the company acting as director/secretary. (NOT the registered address of the company you making appointments to.)


Your company will be formed with 100 ordinary shares of £1. The pre-registration section of the admin area enables you to allocate those shares before registering your company. The Subscriber is usually the Director or Secretary of the company being formed.

A minimum of 1 share out of a possible 100 needs to be issued to each subscriber.

Only whole shares can be allotted. E.g. You cannot split 100 shares equally between 3 persons with 33.3.

If you wish to allocate any additional shares out of the possible 100 at a later date, you can do this using an 88(2) form downloadable from the admin area.

If you experience any problems forming your company please contact

If you have a general enquiry after you have formed your company we're happy to help where we can, alternatively you can call Companies House on 0870 3333 636.