Why working in a rented office is a good idea

For many people who are starting their own business, the idea of setting up in a coffee shop, sipping on a latte all day, or nestling in the corner of your living room whilst you tap away is an attractive, yet a highly romanticised idea.

rented office beats your local coffee shop

A true reflection would include being sat by a draughty door, with constant interruptions – waiters, family, pets and the potential distractions of the TV, everything else that is going on in the café, music, you name it. One of the biggest challenges arises when you need the toilet and you have to pack up and come back and unpack to start working again. This will likely result in an unproductive day that will leave you stressed and behind on your workload.

The solution? Rented office space

A rented office space is a perfect solution to these problems. You can rent spaces just for you, your entire company or use flexible workspaces that allow you to use an office as and when you need it, sharing the space with other companies – which can also be very beneficial to you.

So why should you choose a rented office space? Here Emma Evans, in collaboration with Cornerstone Office Search, explains the benefits of using an office space.

It is a professional environment for work

As much as you try not to get distracted in a coffee shop or at home, you will. In a shared office space, everyone will be busying themselves with their work, creating a good, relaxed working environment. According to research by Officevibe, 68% of the workforce admitted that they are better focused when they are co-working, and 64% said that they are more able to complete tasks on time.

You can do some great networking

One of the great things about working around other people is that you can meet and interact with new people, with different skills and different outlooks. When you are on your own in a coffee shop or at home, there is no-one to bounce ideas off or offer skills that might be beneficial to your business. Flexible workspaces are the ideal breeding ground to network and nurture business relationships. Studies by the Small Business Labs report that 82% of members expanded their professional networks, and that 80% turn to fellow co-workers for guidance or help. You almost certainly won’t get that in a coffee shop.

It offers far more flexibility

If you are using a flexible workspace, you can gain a lot more flexibility. You can choose as and when you are going in, where you are going, and how much space you need. If there are two of you, that’s fine, five of you, that’s fine, or just you, that’s also fine. You are unlikely to get chucked out at 6pm and if you don’t want to drink coffee all day, that’s fine too. As a business grows it can be difficult to know how much space or facilities you will be needing in six months’ time, so a flexible workspace offers the perfect solution.

Purpose built facilities

It’s not uncommon to go into a coffee shop hoping to get some work done, only to find that the internet is slow, or not even working, the toilet blocked, and the only space left is next to the draughty door. In a rented office space, you should find all the facilities dealt with. The space will be set up for work, with utilities dealt with, Wi-Fi on tap, tea and coffee facilities (and sometimes even biscuits), and almost certainly, unblocked toilets.

It is social

Even if you are sat in the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop, working remotely or for yourself can be a lonely existence. Face to face interaction is very important to most people and this can be difficult for those who are starting up or work for themselves. A flexible workspace will surround you with people who are like-minded and as independent as you are. The research carried out by Small Business Labs states that 89% of co-working members reported they are happier and 83% that they are less lonely.

Some flexible workspaces also have gyms, yoga classes and other well-being facilities on offer to those who use them.

We are seeing unprecedented growth in the rented office and flexible workspace market – and for good reason. It seems that the future for many businesses – from solo entrepreneur to large businesses with remote workers – lies with the flexibility that can only be gained from a rented workspace. Whilst the local coffee shop might be fine for a day or two, moving to a rented office or flexible can be so much more beneficial.

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