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Are you investing in your most valuable asset?

As a Freelancer, YOU are your biggest asset.  Whatever your expertise, your value and success lies in you being at your very best.  Although you can look to advancing your competencies and skills through training and development, have you considered how mentally and emotionally fit you are to be the best you can be?

To your clients, you need to show that you are capable, competent, motivated, passionate and most importantly to them, that you’re value for money.

You may well consider your physical wellbeing and join a gym – but don’t forget that your internal wellbeing is what drives your ongoing thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes that you have to live with.  As with any training and development, remember, it’s a tax deductible expense, and with coaching, you reap the benefits for the longer term.

Who am I?

My name is Shwezin Win, I’ve worked for over 20 years in small and major businesses within retail and marketing.  I’ve held senior positions, managed large teams and worked for many years within transformational projects. 

I am a fully qualified and experienced Personal Performance Coach, which means I provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space, for you to be selfish, have the time to gain some clarity of thought, develop your inner strength and achieve your goals.  Furthermore, coaching isn’t for those who are “broken” – as with sports coaching, it’s for people who have potential, who want better, who want to achieve success and with the right focus and attention, they can develop themselves to really win at life.

I’ll help you develop a real knowledge of yourself, creating the right mindset, the confidence, the self belief, as you take steps towards the life that you want.  Together, we can help you to untangle the many challenges, help you focus, prioritise and action the key areas of your life which will put you top of your game.










What can I help you with?

Coaching is about you, we focus on what YOU need and want, so the range in topics are varied.  It’s about putting you in control of the outcomes that YOU want.

However, here’s a few areas that I’ve helped other clients with:


Why choose me as your coach?

Unlike other coaches, I’ve been the Client, I understand the complexities, the politics, the people and the challenges of companies, both big and small.  I understand the environment in which you work and I understand the importance of getting the right Freelancing role, with the right terms and the right fees.

I can relate to the world of self employment.  After years of being surrounded by teams of people all working together, the only person I have to rely on now is me and sometimes that can be overwhelming, lonely and stressful.

I’m also a mum and a step mum, so I know it’s hard to separate your personal and professional lives, to show up every day at your very best. I recognise that life can be overwhelming when you’re juggling so many roles.

I also appreciate how highly valuable and essential Freelancers are to any organisation and how competitive the market place is and I will be your loudest cheerleader and I will help you achieve more.

Before you venture into coaching with me, you get a FREE no obligation discovery call – it’s your opportunity to see if I’m the kind of coach you could work with and to share what you would like to get from the sessions.

Don’t just take my word for it, this is what a few of my clients have to say…..


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