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What should my rate be as a self-employed freelancer, hourly or fixed?

IPSE helps a first-time freelancer with the exciting but daunting task of working out what to charge.

Freelancers’ Questions: As a TikTok presenter, is only the live billable?

Payment tips for an online brands presenter, whose client wrongly thinks that time is all they’re paying for.  



How do I get freelancer clients?

Top 10 ways to get customers as a self-employed freelancer.

Can I freelance in the UK while my partner is on a skilled worker visa?

Fortunately for an Italian couple, the small print of his visa permits her to join him in their big transition.

Freelancers' Questions: Can I freelance from India for UK companies?

Accountant tots up extra cost if an Indian freelancer becomes a company, plus a few ‘must-dos,’ regardless.

What to look for in a high-quality freelance app developer

If you need to develop an app for your business, here is how to find the right person to make it happen. 

How to effectively communicate with your clients during this pandemic

Keeping up with communication with clients has never been so vital. 

How to tax-efficiently retain work and win new clients if I move abroad?

Commercial factors, less the tax ones, is what a creative eying Holland should watch.

Top 5 negotiation strategies for freelancers

Find out the best ways to navigate getting the right payment from clients as a freelancer. 

How to get high-value clients for your freelance business

Securing any sort of work when you start out is great, you will need to build you clientele. However, as you gain skills and expertise its time to secure those high-value clients for your freelance business. 

9 Customer service rules every freelancer should follow

Customer service is incredibly important in any business. Keep your clients happy by following these 9 customer service rules every freelancer should follow. 

How to find freelance work

Whether you are just starting out or are and well established, experienced freelancer, finding freelance work can be a challenge. So, here is how to find freelance work.

Freelancers’ Questions: How to handle clients who cancel projects?

‘Signed Ts&Cs can save sole traders from customers who pull out, but don’t skimp.’

Why hiring freelancers is a good idea

Hiring freelancers can be the ultimate solution to your need for employees. Whether you are taking on a new project or are need of an expert, hiring a freelancer may be a better option than taking on an employee. 

How to attract clients as a freelancer

A guide for freelancers and the self-employed on how to attract clients. The main ways of securing work and clients as a freelancer is by having an online presence by creating a website, being present on social media and networking online. 

Choosing your clients

How to choose profitable clients that boost the 'feel good' factor as well as your portfolio.

Communicating with clients

Nurturing good clients will reap rewards many times the effort invested.

Creating proposals

If you have been invited to submit a proposal on a project you will need to detail how you would carry out work on the project in question.

Contracts and schedules for freelancers

The terms you agree with your client ahead of starting work are critical in terms of protecting your business. As every freelancer will tell you, document everything, the services you agree to carry out - the project's requirements, timescales and any other considerations to ensure successful project completion - at the start and any changes to that brief during the project.

How to manage difficult clients

As a freelancer, encountering a difficult client could be described as an occupational hazard that needs to be dealt with carefully and strategically.

Top 10 tips to happy clients

Some brief tips to ensure repeat business.