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Creating a freelance bookkeeping system (in five easy steps)

In this guide on bookkeeping, we look at creating a freelance bookkeeping system in five easy, manageable steps. Some steps included are understanding your current situation and identifying key components. 

A freelancer's guide to managing cash flow

Maintaining good cash flow is incredibly important for any business. Our freelancer's guide to managing cash flow is aiming to help freelancers tackle the problem of poor cash flow.

How to stay afloat when you start your freelance business

Here are a few simple ways to help you stay afloat when you start your freelance business.

Apps to help freelancers manage their finances

For freelancers time is money and one way to reduce stress and manage your business effectively is to take advantage of the technology that is now available. Here are five finance management apps that you should consider. 

Claiming Expenses as a freelancer

As a freelancer, claiming for expenses can be essential to helping you save money. Tracking all of your purchases and outgoing costs should, therefore, be done, so that you can deduct this from your profit and ensure that you are not overpaying on your tax.

How to minimise financial risk for your freelance business

Minimise financial risk for your freelance business by following these tips: vet the credit history of clients, deal with the decision makers and make sure to prioritise predictability and those clients that are reliable. 

How to be the boss of your money as a freelancer

A guide for freelancers on how to be the boss of their money. The main points highlighted include having an emergency fund, save for your pension, remember the 30 percent rule, set goals and stick to them and manage your money effectively. 

Freelancers need to consider boosting their income with peer-to-peer lending

If you're a freelancer, finding a new way to maximise your income is always helpful. Here is how P2P (Peer to Peer) lending can significantly boost your income by putting your cash to work as a loan.

How freelancers can avoid late payments in 2019

Freelancing is getting increasingly popular and so with the rise of the freelancer, the late payment issue is becoming bigger. Freelancers struggle to manage their cash flow as big companies continue to pay them late, this guide on automated invoicing and credit scores highlights how to tackle the issue. 

How to manage your finances as a freelancer

Managing your finances as a freelancer and doing it effectively can mean the difference between success and failure. Freelancers will need to be prepared for financial issues as well as being aware of the taxes. 

How to choose the right accountant for your freelance business

If you have decided to go freelance and set up a freelance business, you will need a freelancer accountant. An accountant can be an incredibly important part of your business, helping you deal with your businesses finances and taxes and helping you grow. 

5 most effective money saving tips for freelancers

Freelancers need to extra hands on when it comes to saving money and dealing with freelancer finances. This guide features tips on saving money and they include making a new budget, managing tax, cut expenses, get a business cred card and have budget-friendly meetings. 

Understanding when your business is heading for financial trouble

The success of any freelancer depends upon their ability to win commissions and, ultimately, get paid for a good job. Yet with new clients, pitches, articles, and deadlines to focus on, many freelancers will happily leave the business admin for another day. Be warned, if you neglect your finances you could find yourself without a business to focus on.

How to charge for late payment

The Better Payment Practice Group reveals how tardy payers can earn you money.

A guide to Individual Voluntary Arrangement

The guide to Individual Voluntary Arrangement highlights what exactly an IVA is and how it can benefit the self-employed. It can help sole traders pay their debts without losing their business and personal finances. 

Who are accountants?

Unfortunately there is nothing to stop anybody calling themselves accountants. This means that it is vitally important to understand the three main types of accountants.

Introduction to VAT

Information for those new to VAT: rates, how to register, VAT returns and invoicing.

The Basics of VAT for freelancers

Your freelancer guide to compulsory and voluntary VAT registration, VAT returns and the flat rate scheme.

Types of Accounts

Just as there are several different types of accountants, there are also many different types of accounts.

Your Books

Both sets of accounts (management & statutory) use the same basic information which they get from the same place - the Company's "books". First we shall look at the accounts themselves.

Bookkeeping basics

Your accounts can only ever be as accurate as the books you keep. In this section we explain the books you will need - and those you won't!

Credit control

There are sadly a great number of potential customers in the market who can cost your business a great deal of time and money by not paying their debts. Here is our guide to controlling them and keeping your credit the right side of the line.

How to get paid when freelancing

Ten tips from an industry expert offering advice on how to speed up tardy payment from a client - and what to do if they refuse to pay. Our guide on how to get paid when freelancing will help freelancers be prepared for difficult clients. 

Step- by-step guide to collecting payment

Joan Yeadon, proprietor of Credit Control Consultancy, explains how to collect payment quickly and effectively.

Enforcement of Small Claims Judgments in the County Court - Part 2

Legal experts, PRMS Ltd, continue their advice on how freelancers can recover debt.