Business Guides - Working From Home

Why you should ditch the real-life office

We have entered a transcendent age where technology is at the forefront of everything we do. This has transformed multiple business processes, including the conventional office environment.

Working from home: the pros and cons

Find out whether working from home will suit you or not, before you make the leap.

A Freelancer's Guide to Recovering Late Invoices

One of the biggest problems for any freelancer is when clients don’t pay their invoices. It’s likely you’ve already invested time and sometimes money into the project. You may have even turned down other opportunities.

Freelancing - Tools of the Trade

The article highlights tools and organisation for freelancers, the preparation before a project, places to work and presentation of the final product/project. 

Working from home - office space

Homeworking brings with it many considerations, including organising your home office area, maximising productivity, routines and tax implications.

Work from home - a guide for freelancers

Top tips on the pitfalls and rewards of starting up at home.

Home working Vs shared studio space

Just for the low overheads, the majority of freelancers base themselves at home, travelling to client site as and when needed.

Freelancers working from home - avoid distractions

Ideas for disciplining yourself if you struggle on the motivation front.

Working from home : ten tips

Top tips at managing a good work-life balance whilst working from home on a freelance basis.