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The art of negotiation

The definition of negotiation is "to discuss with the goal of finding terms of agreement." In dealing with clients, suppliers or anyone else in the day to day running of a business, you will find yourself working towards agreeing terms in a whole host of different scenarios.

Minimise your costs for your freelance business

Whilst the precise details of how a business can minimise its costs varies enormously according to the type of freelancing work it is involved with, there are nevertheless a number of techniques which can be used to good effect by all Freelancers.

Do you need commercial premises?

If there are reasons why you need to work in a separate office space away from home, how do you go about deciding what you need?

How to write emails and influence people

Email is one of the most convenient ways of communicating with your business contacts. It is direct and fast but can often rub people up the wrong way if you ignore some unwritten rules of email etiquette. Obviously all scenarios differ, so this article is intended as a guide only.