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Self belief – how to keep self doubt at bay

We all suffer from self doubt, no matter how confident we are, there are times when you question your capabilities.

What’s so good about freelancing, and why do people go self-employed?

Ahead of Spring Budget 2023, IPSE asks two key questions and hopefully, chancellor Hunt will have some supportive responses.

Freelancer burnout: Top tips for keeping professional exhaustion at bay

Five strategies from a leading life coach that self-employed creatives can try to stop feeling frazzled.

Should I be a sole trader or a limited company? Tax explained

Chartered accountant Graham Jenner crunches the numbers to reveal which self-employment structure leaves you better off.

Can I freelance as a mum?

Top tips on combining being a full-time parent with being a self-employed creative.

Working through an umbrella company with Optimum Pay Group

Working under an umbrella company can be incredibly beneficial for freelancers that want the independence of being self-employed with employee perks. 

How to pay yourself as a freelancer with a limited company

The numbers you should crunch to reveal your take-home pay when running your own company as a freelancer.

Freelancers' Questions: Should I use an umbrella company instead?

Having just one end-user, and planning to work for them indefinitely, smacks of PAYE work.

What to do when you're overwhelmed by freelance work

Running a freelancer business can be full on, and in order to survive the storm you need to change your approach to work. 

How to collaborate with your fellow freelancers

As a result, the world’s freelancers might be experiencing a shift towards co-working and team-based work. With this in mind, we’ve put together six simple tips to help you collaborate with fellow freelancers.

Achieving work-life balance as a freelancer and keeping burnout at bay

To assist your freelancing career in taking off, we’ve compiled a list of tips - these should help you avoid burnout and stay productive.

Freelancers, here’s what you need to personal brand your way out of covid-19

It’s over to LinkedIn (and the likes of) to make magic happen. Use the following tricks to conjure up your own unique style.

Lessons freelancers can learn from the coronavirus pandemic

Times are tough and there are still some bumps in the road ahead yet, but as we look to the future, here are some of the most valuable lessons freelancers can learn from coronavirus pandemic. 

Freelancing during coronavirus: top tips for self-employed people to trade through COVID-19

A creative freelancer’s survive n’ thrive guide to the pandemic.

How to clinch the freelance hourly rate you deserve

In work and before it begins, there’s a trio that the self-employed can’t afford to miss.

Freelancing’s best part? The self-employed are unanimous

‘It’s all about autonomy, as freelancing’s many other perks, like flexibility, all flow from it.’

Adapt your home for your freelance business

In this guide, we look at how to adapt your home for your freelance business to make sure it fits in with you and your working preferences. 

SEO guide for freelancers

Having SEO expertise can help you secure lucrative jobs. So we have put together this SEO guide for freelancers to ensure that you have a well-optimised site and can secure clients looking for SEO expertise. 

Creating a direct mail campaign for your freelance business

Direct mail can have a better response rate to email, so don't write it off too soon. In this guide, we look at creating a direct mail campaign for your freelance business.

Freelancing as a creative industry professional? Here’s what I’ve learned

Film & TV guru shares eight strategies to survive and then thrive as a self-employed creative.

Top 5 qualities of a freelancer

The self-employed share the traits creative freelancers need to succeed.

Setting goals and objectives for your freelance business

When it comes to business, goals setting is crucially important. In this article we explain why setting goals and objectives for your freelance business is vital and how to go about setting them, 

5 Uncommon Growth Hacking Tactics for Freelancers

Freelancing can often be challenging for both beginners and experienced professionals. The uncommon growth hacking tactics for freelancers will help you grow your business and your client base. 

How to stay happy as a new freelancer

Leave your comfort zone, visit hubs and stop work -- among other tips to keep smiling through self-employment.

How to deal with a heavy workload as a freelancer

Freelancers can have a huge amount of pressure to work continuously because of their irregular income, however, its essential to learn how to deal with a heavy workload as a freelancer. There are multiple ways to do this from taking time out to setting yourself work hours. 

Benefits of taking time out as a freelancer

Freelancers miss out on taking time to relax and recuperate even though there are multiple benefits of doing so. This guide highlights the benefits of taking time out as a freelancer and how it can also benefit your work and business. 

The 5 Bad Habits of Bookkeeping You Need to Avoid

Cut out these bad bookkeeping habits and make your bookkeeping organised and up to date. 

Setting up your business

There are four main ways that your freelance business could operate. Here we discuss the options to help you make the best decision on how you can structure your freelance business

When should I use an Umbrella Company?

If you are only freelancing for a short period between permanent roles, or want to test the waters before setting up your own limited company, trading through an umbrella company may be a good solution. Freelance UK looks at how they work and what the benefits are.

Creating your limited company

This section gives you an overview of what you must do if you have decided to run your business as a limited company.