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Benefits of taking time out as a freelancer

Freelancers miss out on taking time to relax and recuperate even though there are multiple benefits of doing so. This guide highlights the benefits of taking time out as a freelancer and how it can also benefit your work and business. 

The 5 Bad Habits of Bookkeeping You Need to Avoid

Cut out these bad bookkeeping habits and make your bookkeeping organised and up to date. 

Setting up your business

There are four main ways that your freelance business could operate. Here we discuss the options to help you make the best decision on how you can structure your freelance business

Should I be Self Employed or a Limited Company?

To answer this question there are many different factors to consider but the one major factor that is likely to attract freelancers is the tax saving that can be made by trading through a Limited Company.

When should I use an Umbrella Company?

If you are only freelancing for a short period between permanent roles, or want to test the waters before setting up your own limited company, trading through an umbrella company may be a good solution. Freelance UK looks at how they work and what the benefits are.

Creating your limited company

This section gives you an overview of what you must do if you have decided to run your business as a limited company.

Running your limited company

This section briefly describes some of the main responsibilities involved in running your limited company.

Time management

Success in business means mastering the art of management. Of course most freelancers do not have staff or stocks, so they are spared the problems of man management and stock control. However they must still learn how to manage two main factors to succeed as a freelance worker.

Minimise your costs

Whilst the precise details of how a business can minimise its costs varies enormously according to the type of freelancing work it is involved with, there are nevertheless a number of techniques which can be used to good effect by all Freelancers.

The art of negotiation

The definition of negotiation is "to discuss with the goal of finding terms of agreement." In dealing with clients, suppliers or anyone else in the day to day running of a business, you will find yourself working towards agreeing terms in a whole host of different scenarios.

How to make your company more profitable

How to maximise your income.

Do you need commercial premises?

If there are reasons why you need to work in a separate office space away from home, how do you go about deciding what you need?

How to write emails and influence people

Email is one of the most convenient ways of communicating with your business contacts. It is direct and fast but can often rub people up the wrong way if you ignore some unwritten rules of email etiquette. Obviously all scenarios differ, so this article is intended as a guide only.