PR Guides

PR Introduction - From Ab Fab to Chartered status

For an industry that's all about looking after reputations, PR has had a hard job losing its own association with Ab Ab style luvvies. But now that it's a £1 billion business and its industry body has just received chartered status, things might just be starting to get serious.

PR: Routes into the industry

To take a PR qualification or not take a PR qualification?

Who needs PR? No shortage of opportunities

Not all opportunities are advertised so here's how to brush up on your 'inside knowledge' to ensure a healthy stream of new prospects.

PR Rates and allowances - know what you're worth

Considerations when working out what you should charge:
negotiation, how to avoid overservicing a client, areas where you might underestimate, and 'salary survey' charge out rate examples.

PR: How to find work - Network, network, network

It might be an old cliché, but the three best ways of finding freelance PR work are network, network and network.

PR: Legal issues

As for all freelancers, to protect your business you need to be aware of certain legal issues.

PR: Professional bodies and useful links

Links to professional bodies and useful sites for PR freelancers.

PR: Recommended reading

Further reading, both on and offline, to help you hone your PR skills.