PR Guides

Where freelance PR & Marketing workers are in demand, and why

Traditional has had to make way for Social, but it’s by no means all about the Twittersphere if you’re freelance.

PR Introduction

An industry that's all about looking after reputations, Public Relations will stop you from making disastrous social media faux pas' to dealing with your marketing. It's around a £13 billion business industry with a chartered status, so it is a sector that has become serious.

PR: Routes into the industry

To take a PR qualification or not take a PR qualification?

Who needs PR? No shortage of opportunities

Not all opportunities are advertised so here's how to brush up on your 'inside knowledge' to ensure a healthy stream of new prospects.

PR Rates and allowances - know what you're worth

Considerations when working out what you should charge:
negotiation, how to avoid overservicing a client, areas where you might underestimate, and 'salary survey' charge out rate examples.

PR: How to find work - Network, Social Media, Contacts

It might be an old cliche, but the three best ways of finding freelance PR work are networking, social media and your contacts.

PR: Legal issues

As for all freelancers, to protect your business you need to be aware of certain legal issues.

PR: Professional bodies and useful links

Links to professional bodies and useful sites for PR freelancers.