Photography - Recommended Reading

Reading on topics in your field is absolutely essential to stay on top of the new trends and changes that your industry may be facing. Whether you are reading up on the theory of photography in a book or reading a blog post on a new trend, reading should be a prominent part of growing as a photographer. Here are some books that you may find useful, especially as a freelance photographer. 


Freelance Photographers Market Handbook - Essential reading. This publication is updated yearly and contains listings of books, magazines, newspapers and agencies that accept freelance work. Even better is the fact that the publishers list direct telephone numbers (where possible) and names of the relevant editor or other contacts at that publication - you need this book!

Writers and Artists Yearbook - Another great publication that lists details of magazines, newspapers etc that you approach as a freelancer. Fully updated for 2018 giving information about getting your writing or artwork published.

Taking Pictures for Profit - An excellent book featuring author and photographer Lee Frost, we cannot recommend this book enough to give you the full low-down on life and work as a freelance photographer.

Photos That Sell: The Art of Successful Photography - Another Lee Frost publication that gives great information on selling your photos. Gives examples of successful sales of images and comments about why the authors felt they sold. Also, some tips and techniques to spark ideas for creative photography.

Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book - Photoshop and post-production editing is essential for a professional finish of your work. This book can help you gain in-depth knowledge and training for the latest version of photoshop. 

How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell - this guide seeks to equip photographers with everything they need to know to shoot stock photographs that sell in today's marketplace.

The Photographer's Market Guide to Photo Submission and Portfolio Formats - a guide for photographers on how to organise their business and sell their photographs to magazines, advertising agencies, design companies, book publishers and galleries. Topics covered include, how to submit work, release contracts, marketing and promotion, and how to build a high-impact portfolio.

Photographs That Sell and Sell... - Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make money from taking photographs 'on spec.'? Many amateur photographers are capable of producing images of a professional quality but are unsure of how to market them. This book will answer many questions and gives good examples of work that sold for the author, the techniques used and why the photographer chose the shot.


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