Routes into the industry

The traditional route to becoming a photographer was to help out as an assistant in a photography studio. This will soon help you make your mind up whether the work is right for you or not and will also give you invaluable experience when it comes to setting out on your own. If you are no longer of tea-boy age or having chosen another route for your work and are now looking to switch then you could do worse than taking an up-to-date course in photography.

Wherever you live in the UK you should be able to find a photography course nearby. Have a look in our resources section for more details of courses and training available. There are a wide range of courses available ranging from evening classes to undergraduate journalism courses that touch the skills of photographic journalism.

Like most people who start out in business you may well begin, if you feel you have sufficient skills and knowledge already, by taking on freelance assignments or covering news worthy events in the hope of selling it to newspapers or magazines, If you already have experience and knowledge then the chances are you will already have a good collection of your own images. Make sure that these are put to good use by creating a printed or online portfolio so that you can show off the level of quality of your work.

Like many jobs it is not just about having the required skills to do the job, confidence counts for a lot too. You could be the best photographer in the world but without the confidence to approach the relevant editors or image libraries then you will get nowhere. Once you have made your first few forays into submitting work things should get easier. Do not let rejection get you down, learn from your mistakes and move on to the next possibility.

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