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Freelance Photography Guide

Freelance UK's guide to photography.

Routes into the industry

The traditional route to becoming a photographer was to help out as an assistant in a photography studio. This will soon help you make your mind up whether the work is right for you or not and will also give you invaluable experience when it comes to setting out on your own.

Who needs Freelance Photographers?

There is huge scope for photography jobs in the market place, here we cover the main areas where you can win contracts or supply images on a freelance basis.

Rates and Allowances

Rates for jobs can vary from sector to sector and from job to job. One of the main things to understand about a photographer's income is that it is usually derived from two parts, from commissioned work and from selling stock photos.

Photography - Selling Your Work

There are many libraries and agencies that will accept work submissions online, we have gathered together a selection for you.

How to find work

As a freelance photographer, there are vast opportunities waiting to be seized. Here are some places where you can find work and secure contracts/projects. 

Legal issues for Photographers

As a photographer you need to make yourself aware of what you can and cannot do and, just as importantly, what your clients can and cannot do. At the least ignoring copyright will leave you out of pocket and at worst could result in legal action.

Photography - Training & Courses

A list of regional and national training courses plus a collection of online training sites.

Photography - Professional Bodies and Useful Links

Links and details of professional bodies and associations for freelance photographers.

Photography - Recommended Reading

There are some excellent titles out there that will not only help you with photographic techniques but will also explain the ins and outs of running your own business.