FreelanceUK Partners

FreelanceUK collaborates with a number of trusted partners to provide freelancers with healthcare insurance, accounting software, mortgage advice, and business insurance. Find out how our partners can help freelancers to run their businesses with these services.

Business Insurance


With over 100 years of industry experience, Hiscox offers tailored insurance solutions to freelancers. Business insurance with Hiscox includes professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, and employers’ liability insurance.

Freelancers may require professional indemnity insurance if they can access their client’s personal information, if they provide skills or services to clients, or if they’ve been challenged by a client for being allegedly negligent.

Public liability insurance can help freelancers if their client has had an injury or has any damaged property. Legal and compensation costs can be covered with this insurance.

Employers’ liability insurance can help freelancers who collaborate on projects and hire employees to assist them. If an employee falls ill or injures themselves, you as a freelancer can cover yourself against any further claims made against you and your business.

Hiscox is dedicated to helping freelancers with their business opportunities and ensuring that each business insurance policy does not cause any risks to the business or freelancer. Protecting you against any claims, Hiscox is offering 15% off when using their services. Immediate cover and no admin fees to change your policy, Hiscox will continue to collaborate with freelancers to cover their business.


Healthcare Insurance


As a freelancer, you can experience benefits such as flexible working and being your own boss, but what if you become unwell?

Being a freelancer can leave you without work for weeks when feeling too ill to fulfill any current jobs. Having no one to look after your business while you recover can be a struggle for working freelancers and leave you with a lack of income. With appointments a struggle to get with the NHS, private healthcare insurance can get you back on your feet quickly with the added comfort of working from home.

WPA understands the importance of securing healthcare insurance, helping freelancers avoid NHS waiting lists, and letting you choose a time that suits you to be seen by doctors. WPA tailors its healthcare policy to your needs while covering a range of healthcare options for freelancers. Healthcare insurance will give you access to private hospitals and to different treatments which aren’t available through the NHS.

Access to private healthcare treatments and no waiting time sounds ideal for every freelancer who aims to get back to work ASAP, and with WPA and the choice of additional optional extras, freelancers can tailor the policy to suit their needs.


Freelancer Mortgages


Freelancers know the difficulty of trying to get a mortgage, but with Freelancer Financials here to help, you’ll find it easier to secure a mortgage. Your irregular income and the amount of income will make it difficult to secure a mortgage, however, Freelancer Financials understands what being a freelancer involves and what you can do to seal the deal.

Helping freelancers get mortgages since 2004, Freelancer Financials have access to freelancer-friendly mortgage lenders ready to help you through the process. Their success in getting mortgages for freelancers involves understanding the income of freelancers and how to reflect this to mortgage lenders. Access to all freelancer-friendly mortgage lenders, Freelancer Financials know who will and won’t accept your application.

You can borrow up to 5 times your annual contract rate, subject to status, and can also use your current contract, an up-to-date CV, 3 months’ bank statements, and proof of ID to secure a mortgage as a freelancer. Understanding freelancers’ needs are important to Freelancer Financials in order to supply freelancers with the best mortgage possible. Knowing your career status and situation will help to establish a relationship with Freelancer Financials so they can understand what mortgage will be best for you.


Accounting software


FreeAgent is an award-winning software company, making accounting easy by helping freelancers with online bookkeeping. For freelancers, having easily accessible accounting software is vital as you’re always on the move, FreeAgent’s dashboard enables you to look at all your documents and invoices in one place. This saves you time and money, especially knowing that your documents are kept secure and won’t be lost.

Whether you have an accountant or not, FreeAgent offers you the choice of having your own accountant or doing your invoices yourself with the help of their accounting software. Reminding you with recurring invoicing, freelancers will not forget to submit any documents, allowing for easy submission and able to view all of the previous documents too.

With FreeAgent, freelancers can auto-fill their tax returns and file this directly to HMRC with their accounting software. Viewing KPIs is also a key aspect of the accounting software, being able to share these details with clients and can therefore follow your key goals together. Able to track your incomings and outgoings, freelancers are able to keep a record of what they are spending and making with the help of FreeAgent’s unique approach to helping freelancers.


Business Banking


Starling Bank is an award-winning digital bank here to help freelancers with their business banking. Collaborating with FreeAgent, Xero, or Quickbooks, Starling offers real-time integration for freelancers which can be done through the Starling banking app.

By creating a business banking account, you’ll be offered no monthly fee or UK payment charge. You’ll receive instant payment notifications to remind you to pay your invoices while also being able to view other documents such as spending analytics and receipts capture. This easily accessible format will help freelancers to bank at ease, allowing for easy bookkeeping and accurate information to be stored.

With the option of choosing a personal or business account, Starling bank offers to manage your invoices, tax, bills, and VAT for £7 a month with Starling’s business toolkit. This offer includes sole trader and Business euro accounts too. Starling bank makes sure that freelancers feel like a priority with their business banking, with a targeted approach taking place.



MVL solution


Since SFP Group set up its MVL department in 2013, they have become the number 1 provider of Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) solutions in the UK. Using SFP Group as your MVL provider means that contractors will benefit from experts in the field, with no hidden fees, and a tailored service with your own dedicated account manager who will be with you at every stage.

SFP Group, 5 times winner at the Business Moneyfacts Awards for Best Business Recovery Specialist, will ensure that contractors have up to 90% of their net assets returned within 7 days while also potentially being eligible for Business Asset Disposal Relief. Choosing MVL with SFP Group will allow you to save money and let you take control of your funds while closing your business.

But how do you know if you can go through MVL? Whether you have been trading for at least 2 years or your limited company is looking to close, SFP Group can help you take the right steps to liquidate your company and return your funds and assets to you hassle-free. If retirement is on the cards or you have assets of over £25,000 then you can also benefit from using SFP’s efficient service to get things closed quickly.