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Creatives forge ahead with unity despite Brexit

All sides (government included) told to team up to protect the creative economy. Jun 28, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: How to freelance from the UK for an Italian firm?

Set up tips for a soon-to-be sole trader eyeing Britain as his new freelancing base.

Jun 28, 2016 | Freelancing News

UK quits EU in historical 'Leave' vote

Voters back Brexit, the PM hands in his notice and a new future awaits freelancers. Jun 26, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers, off to vote? Know before you go

The what, who, where, how and when of today's historic EU referendum. Jun 22, 2016 | Freelancing News

Five things new freelancers should do on tax

What freelancing's newcomers need to know to keep compliant.
Jun 19, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers buck EU trend of shrinking workforce

People who are their own boss are defying the EU labour market’s downward trajectory. Jun 16, 2016 | Freelancing News

HMRC customer service has collapsed - report

Spending watchdog mauls the taxman for saving just £1 for every £4 taxpayers have lost. May 30, 2016 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: How to get freelance income out of my 'Ltd'?

Full-timer who freelanced while on leave wants to enjoy the fruits of his labour.
May 26, 2016 | Freelancing News

Creatives favour UK staying in EU

'Stronger together' is what creatives overwhelmingly think ahead of June 23rd. May 25, 2016 | Freelancing News

Revealed: online pay rates for creative gigs

Average asking price per worker, per hour, can help you benchmark your own skills.

May 18, 2016 | Freelancing News

Ofcom hatches faster Wi-Fi plan

Extra sub-band and airwaves floated to give apps (and users) the fillip they need. May 17, 2016 | Technology News

Freelancers' Questions: How might Brexit affect me as a freelancer?

What freelancing in an EU country could entail if the UK votes ‘leave’ on June 23rd. May 16, 2016 | Freelancing News

Call to delay digital tax accounts for freelancers

'Putting back five HMRC consultations is no good if the system isn’t put back too.' May 15, 2016 | Freelancing News

'Resilient' freelancers less upbeat on economy

Hardiness of self-employed to be tested, if freelancers’ fiscal fears come true. May 12, 2016 | Freelancing News

Self-employed 'need a nudge on pensions'

Hiking Class 4 NICs tabled as how to get freelancers building a nest egg. May 5, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can networking help me to go direct?

To go direct-to-client, it’s often who you know (not what you know) that matters. May 4, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Are LinkedIn recommendations worthwhile?

How to tell a powerful testimonial from pointless puffery. Apr 27, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I rent a house using only freelance income?

IFA sympathises with a soon-to-be-self-employed trying to move up, and out. Apr 25, 2016 | Money News

Best of the web for freelance creatives

17 fantastic (and free) tools to help freelancers organise, produce and create. Apr 21, 2016 | Freelancing News

Flat Rate VAT man clashes with freelancers

HMRC accused of overcharging freelancers it calls 'consultants.' Apr 19, 2016 | Freelancing News

Why the future's bright for self-employed parents

Having a business to run - and mouths to feed - is going to be more palatable from next April. Apr 18, 2016 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Any risk to freelancing 9-to-5?

Status aid for a 'Tilson in the making,' whose client is having their cake and eating it. Apr 14, 2016 | Freelancing News

April's tax changes: a freelancer's overview

Summary of this month’s numerous changes that could affect your bottom line.

Apr 10, 2016 | Money News

Further spike in self-employment predicted

Freelancing tipped to surpass its already record level within the next year. Apr 7, 2016 | Freelancing News

Osborne's IR35 proposal 'open to legal challenge'

Recruiters warn of a legal fight if they have to decide the status of freelance companies. Apr 6, 2016 | IR35 News

Freelancers’ Questions: How to invoice without my VAT number?

What do when you’re VAT registered but still waiting on the taxman. Here is how to invoice without your VAT number.

Apr 4, 2016 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I start freelancing on maternity leave?

Tax tips for a mum looking to split her time between her new client and new family. Apr 3, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Should I fight ex-client's 'no parking' policy?

The legal breakdown for a freelancer told to leave his car off-site. Mar 28, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I pay myself via a pension?

The lowdown for tax-savvy over-55s who want to earn through retirement funds.

Mar 23, 2016 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: What's a Lifetime ISA?

IFA tots up the value of the Budget's personal savings gift to the self-employed.

Mar 21, 2016 | Money News