Printed material to promote your freelance business

With a plethora of social media platforms, your personal website, and perhaps even freelance job sites to navigate and manage, the first thing to slip your mind might just be printed promotional material.

For many freelance businesses though, non-digital promotion could make a huge difference in terms of clients and quality jobs. Here are our top three tips when it comes to printed promotional material.

Hand out

The most obvious printed material that will help you promote yourself and your business is, of course, a well-designed business card. Whether you are an avid networker or really only venture out of the house for the occasional social call or concert, potential clients are everywhere! You might just end up having a beer with a friend of a friend, stumble upon the topic of a project they’re working on, and perhaps end up joking that you should totally do the artwork/design/web development/facilitation/copywriting for them. When your drinking partner responds with serious interest, you need to have that business card on hand to seal the deal.

Similarly, if you give workshops or seminars, it is important to have flyers and brochures on hand in case someone expresses interest or you find places to leave them, such as in your local grocery shop or café. It is easy to order these things online, for example, getting leaflet printing done at, and have the material delivered.

Adorn the walls

If you have events to promote, such as concerts or art exhibitions, or a service that is offered locally, for instance, tutoring or coaching, posters are an effective way to draw attention from people in your vicinity to your offerings. Make sure you match the design of the poster to your overall brand style and align the information with your online channels, perhaps including a QR code to your webpage. Choose a lean design with only the central message and info catching the eye of passers-by.

Also, be strategic about where you position your promotional wall decoration and be aware of what the location communicates about your business. A poster at a supermarket advertising rock concerts might not be as effective as the same sign at an alternative coffee corner, music shop, or band rehearsal space.

Similarly, an announcement for a luxurious yoga retreat will not have the same effect on a lantern pole in the street as it will at your local yoga centre, fitness studio, or health shop. In any case, and especially if you design your own artwork, make sure to help out the printer by supplying the highest quality document possible.

Have some fun 

Finally, depending on your business, it can really make a positive impact if you have some fun merchandise with your logo or business motto on it! You can print on virtually anything, from pens, T-shirts and key chains to coffee mugs. For promotional purposes, however, one of the most effective items is probably the printed sticker. Particularly when you have an appealing logo or catchy message or pun that people wouldn’t mind sticking on their computers, this tiny item will make a world of difference!

Another fun thing to do is to spread your stickers all over town and have people wonder about them, after which you enable them to find out more – perhaps by following up with flyers or a poster displaying the same visual.

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9th July 2018

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