Money News

Bank urged to ignore spending spree

Pressure mounts on Bank of England to freeze interest rates despite surprise rise in retail sales.

Nov 4, 2004 | Money News

Experts warn of Brown's tax bombshell

Big tax rises and revenue shortfall to be omitted from Pre-Budget Report.

Nov 1, 2004 | Money News

Banks cash-in on base rate rise

High street banks 'betray the trust' of savers by duping customers of £162m.

Oct 25, 2004 | Money News

UK property market signals slowdown

Record slump in lending means fewer agents and cautious house buyers.

Oct 22, 2004 | Money News

Home loans for first-time buyers powered by nine

First-time buyers are being offered a toehold on the property market under a new scheme to loan nearly nine times their salary for a purchase on a first home.

Oct 21, 2004 | Money News

House prices slump at fastest rate for nine years

Slowdown in property market prompts experts to rule on "remote" chance of housing crash.

Oct 19, 2004 | Money News

Sole traders promised relief on insurance

The government has pledged to rule out one-man businesses from having to pay liability insurance.

Oct 18, 2004 | Money News

King braces UK for economic slowdown

BoE chief declares rate rises are a success in slowing UK economy.

Oct 14, 2004 | Money News

Chancellor discourages cash savings from 5 April 2005

As the scale of the nation's retirement savings shortfall is highlighted this week, accountants slam the Chancellor for further discouraging us from saving as he reduces the amount we can put aside in ISAs from next year.

Oct 13, 2004 | Money News

Self-employment boom powered by UK house prices

Rising house prices inspire workers to start-up as UK entrepreneurs.

Oct 11, 2004 | Money News

Rate hold is sweet relief for UK homeowners

Rise in house prices and hold on interest rates delays fears for UK homeowners.

Oct 8, 2004 | Money News

Tories pledge to deal with eight areas of tax

Oliver Letwin slams 'unfair' tax burdens, which offer no value for money.

Oct 5, 2004 | Money News

UK house prices set to tumble

Warning of slump in house prices should scare home buyers into caution, says IMF.

Oct 1, 2004 | Money News

Houses for hard workers priced at £60,000

Prescott reveals cut-price houses in a £500m help deal for first time buyers.

Sep 28, 2004 | Money News

Tories pledge to ease burden of inheritance tax

Conservatives set to declare tax-cutting "targets," tough on Labour and easy on the voter.

Sep 27, 2004 | Money News

Has the bubble burst for UK housing boom?

The International Monetary Fund has warned house prices in the UK could fall dramatically, within an eighteenth month downturn of the market.

Sep 24, 2004 | Money News

Inland Revenue charged £1m for causing 'worry and distress'

The Inland Revenue has paid out nearly a £1 million pounds in compensation to people who have suffered through delayed tax credits and payment errors.

Sep 22, 2004 | Money News

Fall in house prices shows market boom is no more

Interest rates slam the brakes on the runaway market and its racing prices.

Sep 22, 2004 | Money News

Brits snap up second homes in new property boom

Homeowners buy second residences at home and abroad to get their spot in the sun.

Sep 14, 2004 | Money News

No change to interest rate welcomed by UK enterprise

The Bank of England has declared there will be no change to UK interest rates which are to hold at 4.75 per cent, as widely expected by most UK economists.

Sep 10, 2004 | Money News

UK house prices tumble for the first time in two years

House prices take a break of 0.6 per cent in August, according to Britain's biggest mortgage lender.

Sep 8, 2004 | Money News

House price freeze brightens prospects for the first-timers

Cautious buyers and sellers stabilise house prices for the first time in a year.

Aug 18, 2004 | Money News

Always read the small print...

FSB warns small businesses on the return of a Spanish company closed down for deceitful advertising.

Aug 12, 2004 | Money News

UK credit card spending spree continues

Throughout June of this year, soaring numbers of people turned to their credit card to fuel a total national debt of £55bn, solely on plastic.

Aug 11, 2004 | Money News

Britain's debtors welcome emergency relief over redundancy and hardship suffering

Government acknowledges personal tragedy as part of brighter future for cash-strapped workers.

Jul 22, 2004 | Money News

Demand for smaller properties leads to 1.2% house price rise

House prices rose 1.2% in May, adding £2,100 to the value of an average home, according to government figures issued yesterday. The increase lifted the annual rate of house price growth to 12.2% from 10% the previous month.

Jul 13, 2004 | Money News

Interest rates remain at 4.5% for July

Interest rates were left unchanged despite warnings from Bank of England governor Mervyn King that rates may have to keep rising to cool house prices.

Jul 9, 2004 | Money News

Small businesses fear interest rate rises

The prospects of further hikes in UK interest rates could spell danger for the many small and medium sized firms that have depended on bank borrowing to fund their business,

Jul 8, 2004 | Money News

Costly delay for cheques and e-payments in sight if consumers agree to be charged

Direct Debit chief says faster banking and clearer choice is a must for UK enterprise - not just its consumers.

Jun 30, 2004 | Money News

Bank of England urges industry to fix 'long delay' in clearing cheques

BoE governor slams high-street banks for the three-day waiting game.

Jun 18, 2004 | Money News