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Freelancers invited to tax debate

London's self-employed to learn about new Revenue powers 'slipped in on the quiet.'

Oct 27, 2005 | Money News

Minister's pitch beckons music entrepreneurs

Government invites young music companies into the spotlight for finance study.

Oct 12, 2005 | Money News

Revenue wields axe over businesses’ VAT claims

Expert warns imminent decision on VAT could claim a ‘big chunk’ of money from UK businesses.

Oct 11, 2005 | Money News

Naked Accountant bares all for enterprise

Tax tips for entrepreneurs take the sting and stress out of financial advice.

Oct 3, 2005 | Money News

Taxman vows to help micro firms

Revenue and Customs invite enterprise groups to reveal what’s taxing about running a small business.

Sep 22, 2005 | Money News

hedley test2

hedley test2

Sep 21, 2005 | Money News

Freelance fleeced of £700 over 'false cover'

Self-employed photographer warns about the perils of PPI.

Sep 13, 2005 | Money News

Cheques 'extinct by 2025' says Halifax

Internet sounds death knell for cheques, as consumers and business opt for ‘quick & easy’ cash payments.

Aug 16, 2005 | Money News

Treasury rejects calls for UK flat tax

Trumped up claims that flat tax is good for Britain has no place for UK earners, says defiant Treasury.

Aug 11, 2005 | Money News

Start-ups bank on HSBC for success in 2005

Growing number of entrepreneurs flock to the local bank at the expense of NatWest and Barclays.

Aug 9, 2005 | Money News

Online debt test to warn of cash crisis

Thrifty consumers and cash borrowers have no excuse to fall into the red thanks to a new internet portal.

Aug 8, 2005 | Money News

Brown deflects tax rises by tweaking golden rule

Economic cycle started two years earlier, says Brown backed by Treasury, but condemned by CBI.

Jul 21, 2005 | Money News

Revenue vows 'sympathy' for late filers

London atrocities create 'sympathetic' taxman mindful of trauma for tardy Form 42 and P11D filers.

Jul 12, 2005 | Money News

Taxman clueless over number of false fines

Revenue clueless over number of wrongly issued fines, that taxpayers won’t hear about until they demand to be paid.

Jun 28, 2005 | Money News

Freelancer's Questions – How much do I need to put aside for tax?

A graphic designer who has just started freelancing asks our expert panel how much he needs to put aside to cover tax & NICs.

Jun 6, 2005 | Money News

Revenue shuts expat loophole

Taxman targets wealthy Britons making money through 'non-resident' status.

Jun 6, 2005 | Money News

Banks shun female entrepreneurs

Ethnic minorities and men prosper at the bank, while hard-working women are locked out.

Jun 3, 2005 | Money News

Brown’s spending forces delay to 'tax freedom'

UK taxpayers work three days longer to cater for Brown’s budgeting.

Jun 1, 2005 | Money News

Cash machines to pay ‘thousands’ for hidden charges

Link warns banks and building societies will pay dearly for covert charges at the ATM.

May 23, 2005 | Money News

Women catch up with male salaries

British women in their early thirties start to make men run for their money.

May 19, 2005 | Money News

Revenue fines timely taxpayers with interest

Taxman admits charging interest on timely tax returns is a nationwide problem.

May 3, 2005 | Money News

Failed firms bank on the Lords

Entrepreneurs stung by bankruptcy since June 2001 could have to pay thousands back to the bank.

Apr 27, 2005 | Money News

Slump in prices set to stay for UK housing market

A slump in the average asking price for houses in England and Wales appears to be imminent, according to a study from a national estate agent.

Mar 23, 2005 | Money News

'Vague' Budget fails to impress business leaders

Chancellor's Budget will cost us dearly in next three years, warn business leaders losing faith in Brown.

Mar 22, 2005 | Money News

Brown's Budget sends out lifeline to entrepreneurs

Mixed reaction as Brown's Budget separates experts as whether yesterday really was a good day for British business.

Mar 17, 2005 | Money News

Brown's Budget Speech for 2005

Gordon Brown unveils his ninth Budget to lighten the load on entrepreneurs and to keep Britain on a "prudent course."

Mar 16, 2005 | Money News

House price slowdown fails to attract first-time buyers

Speculation of rate rise scares first time buyers into caution, as a backlog of property remains untouched.

Mar 16, 2005 | Money News

Brown will go Dutch to slash red tape

Gordon Brown is to announce a package of Dutch-style measures to cut through the layers of red tape stifling small firms when he delivers his ninth Budget on Wednesday.

Mar 15, 2005 | Money News

Drumming up late tax payments

Southern India recruits marching band to force locals into compliance.

Mar 14, 2005 | Money News

Entrepreneurs 'lose £150m online'

Internet entrepreneurs are falling victim to one of Britain's fastest growing crimes as cardholder-not-present fraud rockets to a record high of £150m.

Mar 9, 2005 | Money News