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Six questions to ask your potential accountant

Freelancers have half a dozen considerations when enlisting a numbers expert.

Nov 17, 2016 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: What's a Lifetime ISA?

IFA tots up the value of the Budget's personal savings gift to the self-employed.

Mar 21, 2016 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: How to know if euros or pounds are preferable?

Getting paid in the currency you need is better than knowing the latest exchange rate.

Nov 8, 2015 | Money News

‘Universal Credit to hurt almost 1m freelancers’

Government told to reform the new benefits system so the self-employed won’t be worse off.

Jun 10, 2015 | Money News

Freelancers’ Questions: Will going self-employed affect my mortgage?

Becoming self-employed isn’t necessarily your lender’s business, reassures an IFA. However, there may be some circumstances in which being self-employed will affect your mortgage. 

May 14, 2015 | Money News

Why freelancers will always need the courts

Services that conciliate and mediate are best with the courts, not as alternatives.

Apr 26, 2015 | Money News

Cameron backed in push for EU VAT exemption

IPSE hopes David Cameron gets his way, for the health of e-services suppliers.

Mar 24, 2015 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Did Budget 2015 affect freelancers' finances?

Personal finance expert lists Osborne’s main offerings to freelance earners.

Mar 19, 2015 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I charge 5% interest each week I'm unpaid?

Contracts expert warns a freelancer against inserting an 'exorbitant' interest clause.

Mar 11, 2015 | Money News

Freelancers, be wary of HMRC benchmark letters

The Revenue's risk assessment is moving out of the shadows and into taxpayers' letterboxes.

Jul 27, 2014 | Money News

British Business Bank assists more than 30,000 small businesses

Cable's business bank has lent nearly £800m to SMES in its first year, funding start-ups and growing UK businesses.

Jul 1, 2014 | Money News

Universal credit rules for self-employed under fire

Revise the pilot, ministers told, to stop self-employed claimants being worse off.

Nov 17, 2013 | Money News

How a single receipt can save you tax

Expert aid for ‘on-business’ freelancers whose train fare comes out of their own wallet.

May 29, 2013 | Money News

Flat-rate state pension 'will benefit the self-employed'

Osborne was right to say the Single Tier Pension will help the self-employed – ClearSky.

Apr 9, 2013 | Money News

What self-assessors could buy if they filed on time

Accountant's light-hearted look at the luxuries penalty revenue could afford.

Jan 31, 2013 | Money News

Settle VAT now to avoid a closer look into your tax affairs

Freelancers yet to pay the VAT-man can head off a fuller investigation from Feb 28.

Jan 30, 2013 | Money News

Traders check if VAT man owes them 5% more

Taxman must payout on all VAT refunds authorised late, regardless of what triggered them.

Oct 21, 2012 | Money News

Do clients really need another excuse not to pay?

Late payment is already bad enough, doubling the default period would make it worse – Safe Collections.

Oct 7, 2012 | Money News

Why freelancers should draw up a Will

10 reasons why you can't afford to put off considering your demise.

Sep 28, 2012 | Money News

July 31 tax deadline - a freelancer's need-to-know

Tax expert guides self-assessors through the maze of making payments on account.

Jul 29, 2012 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I claim expenses before freelancing?

Start-up expenses for freelancers can be recouped, but not unconditionally.

May 24, 2012 | Money News

Is your freelance business ready for the tax year-end?

Clock is ticking for the self-employed to legally and ethically save tax.

Mar 11, 2012 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Which accounting year is best?

Expert helps a would-be sole trader stuck on which accounting date to choose.

Jan 24, 2012 | Money News

Top tips for your looming tax return

Final considerations for self-employed people who want to avoid hefty penalties.

Jan 23, 2012 | Money News

Freelancers can't escape the online-only VAT man

Be prepared, whenever you need to prepare, for VAT going electronic.

Dec 20, 2011 | Money News

Freelancer tax returns – explained

Sole trader or Ltd? There are hard and fast rules when declaring to HMRC.

Oct 5, 2011 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I claim expenses on a credit card purchase?

'On your credit card, out your pocket or from petty cash? It’s all the same to HMRC.'

Aug 7, 2011 | Money News

Call for ideas to simplify small business tax<br>

OTS wants help on how to lighten the small business tax and compliance burden.

Jul 29, 2011 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: How to pay myself?

Expert advice on the least taxing ways to pay yourself as a creative freelancer.

Dec 13, 2010 | Money News

Freelancers' Questions: Did the spending review affect me?

How being jobless could hurt freelancers even more when they're already suffering.

Oct 25, 2010 | Money News