Marketing/PR News

Big Brother's Pete tells 'untold' tales

Channel 4’s most famous face raises the profile of realities obscured from view.

Aug 22, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Women more likely to be in profit

Females fail to dominate in business or the boardroom - but money talks.

Aug 11, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Watchdog invites you to judge adverts

Interested in advertising? Then spend a day silencing or sealing consumer complaints.

Aug 7, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Barmy Army enlists PR experts

Word-of-mouth empowers a City firm to speak on behalf of English cricket fans.

Aug 3, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

UK plc hits 'turning point' in marketing spend

Direct marketing and e-ads are the medium of choice for nervous marketers.

Jul 26, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Branding tools 'under threat or redundant'

Less visibility looms for two age-old tools of the branding industry.

Jul 21, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

British Airways offers £300 to 'fat liar'

A 27-stone man is aghast at service with a slight on the customer.

Jul 20, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

High Court told to cancel 'political' ad ban

Activists to fight for freedom of expression on TV & Radio.

Jul 17, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Free copywriting service offers Amazon gifts

Cash vouchers will lure more media professionals to ask the ad experts.

Jul 11, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Sophie's PR firm in the dock

The Countess becomes the first royal to be court-chased over bad debts.

Jul 6, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Internet ads fuel spending on other mediums

Global spending boom eludes the UK, where the World Cup is failing to deliver.

Jun 21, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Marketers urged not to neglect 'Silver Surfers'

Big spenders in their fifties and seventies are being ignored on the Internet.

Jun 12, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

National Express ad 'misleading'

Coach colossus rides a wave of criticism for overlooking its pledge to surfers.

Jun 7, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Freelancers sought to promote BBC '07

Web, TV and Radio marketers are called for their creative prowess.

Jun 1, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Cheesemakers launch 'Eau de Stilton'

Stilton Cheesemakers' Association creates their own "earthy and fruity" perfume as part of a campaign to persuade more people to eat their product.

May 24, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Swearing in ads 'OK'

Australians told UK advertising is happy to hear their profanities.

May 18, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

'I hate Scousers' gets the all-clear

Hate-filled tagline ruled as unlikely to 'incite hatred'.

May 11, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Digital women to 'rule the Internet by 2007'

The Internet proves the media of ultimate choice for women in business.

May 4, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Adverts 'more likely to irk consumers'

Watchdog reveals standards are the same but more people are complaining.

Apr 27, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Online consumers search by brand

Unique marketing key to keeping your customers away from online rivals.

Apr 19, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Marketers admit to greater confidence

Yet less employees and technology creep gives the Institute 'cause for concern.'

Apr 18, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Mini marketers to sue search engine giant

Online marketers ready for action amid claims the big three stole their clients.

Apr 7, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Creative types warned over Olympic logo

New law outlaws firms from 'ambush marketing' London 2012.

Apr 6, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Advertisers shun print for online formats

Marketers more than double their spend to connect with 'always-on' audiences.

Mar 30, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

BBC to unveil TV ad campaign

Four new clips will remind the viewing public, ‘This is what we do.'

Mar 24, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Tory marketer nets a record £276,000

Marketing guru revamping the Tories earns more cash than Tony Blair.

Mar 20, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Google crowned UK's no.1 brand

Californian search giant voted Britons’ brand of choice.

Mar 17, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Lastminute flamed over Gary Glitter ad

Watchdog savages ad using a sex offender to lure kids to the theatre.

Mar 16, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

Tesco ad lady shops in Waitrose

Advertising heroine deserts Tesco for upmarket foods.

Mar 13, 2006 | Marketing/PR News

ASDA to unveil £80m ad campaign

Famous faces hired to take the supermarket giant upmarket.

Mar 6, 2006 | Marketing/PR News