Marketing/PR News

Ad guru quits over 'crap' comments

Creative expert rejects label as a sexist, after revealing 'women in advertising wimp out.'

Oct 25, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

Men hire sexy marketers for easier liaisons

Women woo women for tongue-tied males hiding in the shadows.

Oct 21, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

Marketers create cautiously for London 2012

Rules to regulate marketers pose an Olympic-sized hurdle for creative types in 2012.

Oct 20, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

PR guru calls creative types to Enterprise Week

Making the jump – why one public relations expert turned freelance.

Oct 18, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

Small firms give marketing top priority

Micro-firms emerge more upbeat and more into marketing than their competition.

Oct 14, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

Brands fail to connect with consumers

Tough task for design experts as three-quarters of consumers fail to spot their biggest national brand.

Oct 11, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

Famous faces inspire Germany to revive

£20m ad campaign hires heroes to beam a 'can-do feeling' into German homes.

Sep 28, 2005 | Marketing/PR News

'Tacky' logo takes its toll on French Connection

Marketers take note from the demise of a retail slogan that came without a ‘best before.’

Sep 15, 2005 | Marketing/PR News