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Freelancers, off to vote? Know before you go

The what, who, where, how and when of today's historic EU referendum.

Jun 22, 2016 | Freelancing News

Five things new freelancers should do on tax

What freelancing's newcomers need to know to keep compliant.

Jun 19, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers buck EU trend of shrinking workforce

People who are their own boss are defying the EU labour market’s downward trajectory.

Jun 16, 2016 | Freelancing News

Creatives favour UK staying in EU

'Stronger together' is what creatives overwhelmingly think ahead of June 23rd.

May 25, 2016 | Freelancing News

Revealed: online pay rates for creative gigs

Average asking price per worker, per hour, can help you benchmark your own skills.

May 18, 2016 | Freelancing News

'Resilient' freelancers less upbeat on economy

Hardiness of self-employed to be tested, if freelancers’ fiscal fears come true.

May 12, 2016 | Freelancing News

Self-employed 'need a nudge on pensions'

Hiking Class 4 NICs tabled as how to get freelancers building a nest egg.

May 5, 2016 | Freelancing News

Best of the web for freelance creatives

17 fantastic (and free) tools to help freelancers organise, produce and create.

Apr 21, 2016 | Freelancing News

Further spike in self-employment predicted

Freelancing tipped to surpass its already record level within the next year.

Apr 7, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I start freelancing on maternity leave?

Tax tips for a mum looking to split her time between her new client and new family.

Apr 3, 2016 | Freelancing News

Budget 2016 leaves most freelancers better off, marginally

Nothing or only small change handed to the self-employed, this tax year and next.

Mar 20, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: How to handle scope creep?

When to know if that little something extra is too much.

Mar 10, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: How to freelance abroad from overseas?

Expert helps a creative expat in a tangle over residency, immigration and tax.

Mar 3, 2016 | Freelancing News

Call to let self-employed NIC changes bed in

Government told to put a pause on reforms to national insurance for freelancers.

Mar 2, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: What if my contract's silent on expenses?

Nothing agreed beforehand (orally or otherwise) means nothing's due.

Feb 25, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers get their own training academy

Online skills hub opens with a freelance-friendly focus.

Feb 24, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: How to bill a now foreign client and pay the tax?

Top tips for a new UK citizen set to invoice his old country.

Feb 15, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers’ Questions: Can I freelance for one firm indefinitely?

Expert helps a creative hoping that Spain, like the UK, doesn’t have a cap on freelancing.

Feb 11, 2016 | Freelancing News

Why every freelancer needs an online marketing plan

Top tips on making your foray into e-marketing yourself.

Feb 7, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers handed fixed-pricing guide

E-book's first chapter covers setting a price that works for their business and yours.

Feb 3, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can my business buy home-office room fittings?

Lights, blinds and curtains have stronger ties to the house than to your business.

Jan 31, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers fear they mistakenly overpay tax

Up to £1,000 per freelancer could be going to HMRC in unnecessary handouts.

Jan 28, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I freelance on the back of a Tier 2 Visa?

Options abound for a New Yorker in the UK, but freelancing isn’t one of them.

Jan 20, 2016 | Freelancing News

Freelancers’ Questions: Will his tax debt hurt our new venture together?

Reassurance for a freelancer who’s setting up with someone who didn't pay HMRC.

Jan 18, 2016 | Freelancing News

Taxman reveals worst excuses for filing late

Blaming family or Fido won’t wash with HMRC.

Jan 17, 2016 | Freelancing News

New think tank to research freelancing

Scholars of self-employment to study the world’s wisdom about ‘going it alone.’

Dec 9, 2015 | Freelancing News

How Osborne can help the UK's one-man bands

Making business simpler and less taxing should top the chancellor's agenda on Nov 25.

Nov 2, 2015 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' H&S exemption passes without a hitch

Self-employed creatives have been free from Health and Safety rules for almost a month.

Oct 26, 2015 | Freelancing News

Six tips for freelancers to beat the bookkeeping blues

How independent workers can make 'doing the books' more liberating.

Oct 8, 2015 | Freelancing News

Freelancers' Questions: Can I take paid sick or holiday leave?

Legal aid for a freelancer whose contract falls silent about any time off.

Sep 27, 2015 | Freelancing News