Design News

Scottish festival puts design centre stage

Sir George Cox's message is to be reinforced by a £3m initiative.

Nov 10, 2006 | Design News

City Academy wins top design award

A London school is hailed for its first-class design and its exemplary procurement.

Nov 3, 2006 | Design News

Wallpaper pioneer to launch new title

High-flyers expect to hear they won’t see straight without Monocle.

Oct 23, 2006 | Design News

Madrid airport wins Rogers top prize

Britain’s most prestigious architecture prize goes to an airport terminal in Spain.

Oct 17, 2006 | Design News

Self-employed must be 'continuous designers'

Over 6,000 firms invited to improve their bottom line through creative design.

Oct 11, 2006 | Design News

Vote for your favourite Google Doodle

How you can give one junior designer the exposure of a lifetime.

Oct 5, 2006 | Design News

Business Link backs teen entrepreneur

Young enterprise star tells Freelance UK the secret of 'making it.'

Sep 15, 2006 | Design News

Freelance designer waves copyright goodbye

Worried by dusty CDs, one designer releases his work into the public domain.

Sep 13, 2006 | Design News

Who took the colour out of UK plc?

Brits admit to feeling blue, as beige, white and grey have sapped their creativity.

Aug 31, 2006 | Design News

Freelance designers pitch for £5,000

Design industry says any creative can participate, to win cash & commissions.

Aug 30, 2006 | Design News

UK houses due a design makeover, say Tories

'Soulless' estates that make people depressed are on David Cameron’s hitlist.

Aug 15, 2006 | Design News

Architect called back to save the Louvre

Design guru reveals his glass pyramid is a victim of its own success.

Aug 7, 2006 | Design News

World’s oldest carpet to be unrolled

Iran’s most treasured design will be the centrepiece of London’s V&A.

Jul 19, 2006 | Design News

Old buildings in North 'twice as likely' to decay

Listed buildings with a wobbly future look down at 'concrete progress' in the South.

Jul 12, 2006 | Design News

Logo designers to put 'soul' into the EU

Freelance designers ready to makeover Europe’s ageing elite.

Jul 4, 2006 | Design News

Entrepreneurship Council to train creative types

Design talents to get start-up kit – mentor included – for success as an entrepreneur.

Jul 3, 2006 | Design News

Design guru vows to 'Cancel Mansell'

The face of 'Location, Location, Location' hears her home is just the spot for a race track.

Jun 26, 2006 | Design News

Freelance designers sign up to Architecture Week

Industry experts gather under one roof to solve your design dilemmas.

Jun 20, 2006 | Design News

Glass designers called to compete

£5,000 awaits the most promising glass designer of the year.

Jun 6, 2006 | Design News

Social networking sites enjoy 'explosive growth'

Top 10 social networking sites collectively grow 47 percent.

May 24, 2006 | Design News

Designers ready to review your logo

Free feedback on why your logo fails to send the right signals.

May 10, 2006 | Design News

Awards open for UK's top designers

Freelance designers whose work spawned commercial success are called to compete.

May 4, 2006 | Design News

Designer attacks Blairs’ bad taste

Sir Terence Conran is aghast at No 10’s 'dull' interior.

Apr 24, 2006 | Design News

UK buildings eroded by 'bling,' says designer

Shiny structures that ‘belong anywhere’ are defacing British towns.

Apr 10, 2006 | Design News

BBC spends £4m on freelance design

Job losses loom, yet millions are spent on cutting-edge designers.

Mar 29, 2006 | Design News

Graphic designer scoops Erasmus 2006

€150,000 prize spotlights the design talent who has transformed France's public domain.

Mar 15, 2006 | Design News

Palestinian ties shake architect's $1.7bn project

Richard Rogers summoned to explain his role in 'boycotting Israel.'

Mar 8, 2006 | Design News

Designer blasts British homes

Design guru says Britain’s Noddy homes are as out of date as the Romans.

Feb 27, 2006 | Design News

Designers eye business aid worth £50,000

Creative design firms invited to boost profits without compromise.

Feb 15, 2006 | Design News

Warp speed in your living room?

Interior designer and die-hard Star Trek fan goes bankrupt after turning his West Midlands apartment into the Starship Voyager.

Feb 10, 2006 | Design News