Creative body brands immigration plans 'disappointing'

A creative industry body has been forced to repeat its call for a freelancer-only visa for so-called 'non-EEA' workers who want to come and work in Britain.

With six in ten creative firms already engaging freelancers from overseas, the CIF reiterated that the visa needed to be introduced to meet the firms' talent needs post-Brexit.

The visa proposal by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) seems all-the-more vital now the PM has acted on recommendations to treat both non-EEA and EEA citizens alike.

In fact, Theresa May has said that EU citizens will no longer get priority to live and work in Britain, in line with the recommendations that their "preferential access" should end.

But the recommendations, made by the Migration Advisory Committee, "fail to recognise the significant value EEA [European Economic Area] creative workers and freelancers bring to the UK", the federation says.

"Creative businesses will simply be unable to access the skilled workers they need and will face an unmanageable financial burden if the Tier 2 salary threshold is applied to EEA citizens and the immigration skills charge remains," said the CIF's chief executive Alan Bishop, referring to the MAC's report.

He believes a small number of the committee's recommendations will be welcome by creative firms, such as removing the Tier 2 cap altogether, reducing bureaucracy for SMEs and extending Tier 2 to medium-skilled workers.

But the CIF says it is “disappointing" that the government has been given no immigration recommendations on temporary movement, or any to "ensure creative freelancers can base themselves in the UK.”


3rd October 2018

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