Huge freelancers’ party issues final invitations (to you)

Firms and freelancers wanting to get involved in what’s hailed as no less than the ‘world’s biggest freelance celebration’ have been given a little longer to perfect their party piece.

It means anyone up for providing a freelancers’ event or deal to the theme ‘Freelancers Assemble! Working Together in the New Economy’ can still register, say organisers EFW.  

They say the aim is to use a space, place, product or time to ‘show the value freelancers create’, potentially with ‘support and collaboration for freelancers, made by freelancers.’

That means an event could range from anything to three people chatting about freelancing over a coffee, to a 500-strong theatre show about the highs and lows of independent work.

“[We] aim to spark a movement to self-organise the self-employed, and co-create ideas to take grassroots initiatives to the forefront”, said European Freelancers Week (EFW).

“It won’t take long before in people’s mind the word[s] ‘Do It Yourself’, when referred to self-employment, will be turned into ‘Do It Ourselves.’”

Guidance on how to create an event is online at the EFW’s site (more than 90 are on stand-by for October 2018 -- when the celebration starts), alongside a list of already submitted special deals.

EFW said: “[Our goal] is to facilitate community building among freelancers and improve conditions of independent working through learning, sharing, networking and policy action.”

Last year, 3,000 freelancers in 26 countries responded to the call, totting up a social media outreach of half a million. This year’s extended deadline to take part is October 10th 2018.


24th September 2018

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