Creative freelancers with designs on growth to speak up

Creative freelancers with designs on growth have a final opportunity to speak out so that industry and government resources to help them expand can improve.

Whether those resources should be better aligned to creatives – or freelancers, or if they should just be geared towards growing fast, a CIF survey closing tomorrow wants to know.

“We need as many creative businesses, organisations and freelancers as possible to complete our growth survey” said the Creative Industries Federation (CIF). 

“[We want to] look at what growth really looks like in creative enterprises across the creative industries in the UK, and how we can better support this.”

Designed for sole-person creative firms right through to consultancies with creative suppliers, the survey is estimated by the federation to take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Respondents can tick boxes to give a sense of their growth track record, their growth ambitions (including if they have no plans to grow), and what they see as growth barriers.

Comment sections are attached to the tick-box questions, allowing respondents – which can include people in creative jobs in non-creative sectors, to write their own responses.

“The findings will be used to represent the sector’s needs to government and wider industry,” said CIF. “They will also provide much needed evidence to identify where more support is required. To do this, we need your support.”


5th July 2018

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