Freelance creatives to have their say on invoices

Freelancers can now have their say on invoices and payment times in the creative industries thanks to a survey from Easle.

The hiring company has posed a dozen questions on the age-old issue of getting paid on time as a freelancer, so it can look at ‘working out solutions’ to any problems participants report.  

Already though, it sounds as if the creative recruiter expects to be told of at least a few scary ones. “We've heard endless anecdotes about horrific experiences of invoicing,” it says online.

“But we haven't seen a proper look into how invoicing has negatively (or positively) impacted freelancers. We're gathering this information…[but] all answers are anonymous.”

Questions asked cover the types of clients who pay late; the "attitude" of their representatives; the personal impact of completely writing-off an invoice and, if late payment is ever worth it.

Easle, which says it would “love” FreelanceUK readers to take the survey, will only share participants’ tales or personal accounts of late payment if permission is expressly given.


2nd July 2018

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