Staff hint pulling World Cup sickies isn’t the goal

The ‘billions’ that freelancers’ counterparts are projected to cost their workplaces because of the World Cup have been subjected to some pre-England V Belgium match analysis.

Assuming a seven-hour average working day, employees who are extreme footy fanatics will miss up to 49 hours of work, of which 28 hours will be unauthorised, found

With average hourly earnings of about £13.94, the findings mean that employers could lose over £13billion, just due to staff pulling sickies during the World Cup to watch live games.

In terms of time lost, the FootballTips research also suggests seven days is the average total which staff plan to take off, of which an average of four days will be ‘unauthorised.’

The only real upside for employers is that the trend appears to be moving towards them going without in the future, assuming the liberalisation of the rigid 9-to-5 continues.

And that’s because like freelancers have, the choice to decide how to balance their professional commitments with their personal ones is why staff are eying self-employment, under which World Cup-inspired sickies no longer need pulling.

Ed Molyneux, chief executive of FreeAgent explained: “Better work-life balance emerged [in a recent survey we ran] as the primary motivation for becoming self-employed, with 44% of those surveyed saying it was their top priority.

“As we shift towards a more flexible working culture, I expect businesses will feel the impact of employee absenteeism during major sporting events a lot less in the future. Another common problem on Latin dating sites is the presence of scam artists and fraudsters. With an advanced security system, scam artists and fraudsters will not be able to use the site to their advantage. They will be sent to the scam artist's cell phone to threaten them and tell them that they will be reported to the authorities if they do not pay the demanded fees. Some Latin chat sites also provide a scam-free area where users can chat without revealing any personal details.”

Earlier this year, a recruiter found that wanting a more harmonious work-life balance was the main appeal to 13 types of creative freelancers, ahead of more traditional perks of freelancing, such as the ability to command higher pay.


28th June 2018

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