Freelancers' Questions: On my CV, what is a value proposition statement?

Freelancer's Question: After quite a brief explanation of what it is, this FreelanceUK article links to another FreelanceUK article on 'value proposition,' although I'm still none the wiser as to what it is -- precisely. Can an expert please explain?

Expert's Answer: A value proposition is an important part of your Summary on your LinkedIn profile or CV.  You should think of your value proposition as your over-arching offering -- the one thing that you consistently walk into an organisation and do; or the purpose of your professional existence.

For example, my value proposition might be “Creating leading-edge self-marketing collateral such as CVs and LinkedIn profiles that significantly enhance my client’s ability to find a contract.”

Our company’s marketing manager’s value proposition might be, “Developing low-cost marketing strategies that deliver superior return on investment from marketing budgets.”

And a senior Finance professional might say for their value proposition, “A track record of embedding robust financial governance across organisations to protect cashflow and profitability.”

A value proposition should appear fairly early in a CV or LinkedIn profile, in the Summary section. It is designed to explain what value you are proposing you can offer to your potential clients.

I would recommend that the value proposition statement should follow on from an accurate and unambiguous description of what you are, so start with a simple description of your professional background. For example, ‘An experienced Digital- Marketing Director’ or ‘An Advertising and Brand Account Manager’ or ‘A Highly Qualified Architect’.

With your CV or LinkedIn profile, getting the reader’s attention is all about explaining that you are an appropriate candidate for their role, whether the role you're seeking is permanent or freelance. If they are looking for an experienced manager-type from Creative background, then you need to tell them that this is what you are using your value proposition statement.

The expert was Matt Craven, founder & managing director of The CV & Interview Advisors.


24th June 2018

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