Creative jobs dominate happiest freelance trades

More than a third of the best jobs for being your own boss in a freelance or self-employed capacity are in the creative industries, a league table shows.

Ranked not in terms of profitability but in order of ‘life improvement’ since going freelance, Architects, Graphic Designers and Marketers took first, seventh and tenth place respectively.

Other jobs calling on creativity like Surveying, Engineering and IT Consulting also made the top 10, compiled by AXA after it polled 500 people on their pre-and-existing freelance life.

The firm has already pointed out that freelancers can suffer with intrusive clients, but the poll shows that not even one in 10 can actually say their life has got “harder” since going it alone.

Where this small minority of freelancers spoke up about issues like self-esteem and self-confidence, a 9-to-5 job was blamed most often, followed by teachers or bullies at school.

Elsewhere in the poll, and among the eight in 10 saying life was much improved since they quit the workplace, were self-employed people in Joinery, Agriculture and Accountancy.


17th June 2018

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